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Cate's Corner

Dear WOSA members

Times are always busy in the Alumni Office! "And the times they are a changin'," in the words of Bob Dylan. A reminder that there will now be twice yearly mailings of The Brown and the Gold, in May and October. Previously just for alumni in India, with this issue we bring the news and events of Woodstock to alumni all over the world--nearly 4,000 of you in over 80 countries!

The Quadrangle will focus on alumni news. As Jane Cummings told you in the Summer 1997 Quad, beginning with the next issue (January 1998) there will be one Quad a year. The Alumni Guestbook that used to be in The Brown and the Gold will now appear in the Quad. It's already a long list and October isn't yet on it!

WOSA-Europe is a wonderful new development to be officially launched at a gathering in London on September 21, 1997. Ron Flaming and I will both be in attendance. We anticipate a great turnout and a chance to renew old acquaintances and make new ones!

We are looking forward to a tremendous month of October. Well over 100 WOSA members are coming on various trips and reunions. Look for all the details in the January Quad. All the best to all of you!

Cate Whitcomb
Alumni and Development Officer

Cate's Corner, cont.
A Request for Better Behavior

This should not come as a great surprise, but, as in any family, there are issues of discipline that inevitably arise. And, as is usually the case, the issue usually does not involve many individuals. This past graduation evening there was an incident at Char Duchan, the stores by St. Paul's, involving a few Woodstock alumni. The Principal received a letter of complaint from the Technical Management Institute, a government agency at the top of the hill, saying that the alumni were intoxicated, rude, noisy and disruptive. Despite repeated requests they persisted, keeping people awake.

After an exhaustive investigation, which involved questioning many of the graduating seniors who apparently weren't involved, we found that it was a group of alumni who had come up to Mussoorie for the weekend. Needless to say this kind of behavior must stop. There have been previous incidents when there were disruptions caused by visiting alumni, particularly involving people who had been drinking to excess. We have to monitor ourselves and curb these occurrences. There was a time when there were strained relations between alumni and the administration of the school due in large part to incidents like this one.

As an international school and as long-time residents in this community, we must be good neighbors. That is everyone's responsibility. Please don't be part of the problem. We are a high spirited bunch but I don't think anyone wants to damage the position of Woodstock in this community or cause problems for current students. Let's please all act responsibly, please?

Thanks from your representative in residence,

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