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News and notes . . .

Hill Station Teacher: A Life with India in It, by Ruth Unrau, is a book rich in family memories of three decades of life at Woodstock. And more - the bazaars, weather, Ladies' Staff Room, derzies and dhobis, early morning tea at Suakholi. Order from Kidron Creek Pub., Box 214, North Newton, KS 67117, USA. "No life is complete without India in it." (Bradford Smith)

Midlands Tower, that graceful landmark of the old College, is no more. Already weak, it suffered further damage during the Uttarkashi earthquake in 1991. For safety reasons it was taken down this past holiday. With plans underway for rebuilding Midlands, the Tower will not be replaced per se. The Tower housed two large water storage tanks and was not used by students.

In memory of those who lost their lives in Mussoorie for the Uttarakhand movement in 1994, a bundh was observed on September 2nd. Classes were cancelled and students spent a quiet day in their residences.

Parker Hall is getting a new lease on life thanks to a gift by the Class of '48. The monsoon mold problem has already been solved with a new drainage system. Re-wiring is in progress, as well as purchase of an electronic lighting system, grand drape and motorized movie screen. Coming up, the forestage will be rebuilt, new chairs bought and the old wooden chairs restored. With additional funds the hope is to raise the roof of the stage to create an area for flying sets and movable light bars, and to increase backstage space for a dressing room, storage, scene shop and larger wings. It's a tight fit to seat the whole school. Additional seating may be put in the balcony by moving the light booth back and putting it under a new gable.

A second satellite dish will soon bring BBC back to Woodstock. Our first dish lost the BBC signal a year ago when that company switched satellites. Although we receive CNN and Indian stations, we welcome back the BBC with its news and documentaries on the new dish.

A new workout and fitness gym in Hostel's lower Hostel Common Room is receiving a lot of student customers. With equipment bought with Hostel funds and a donation by Ten Singh Nima ('80-Tibet/India), Momo's Yak Gym is open, with supervision, before and after school daily and on weekends. Open to both girls and boys, a personal fitness program is set up by staff with training and experience.

Clint Collins ('97-Australia) and Lizzy Seefeldt ('98-USA) were the prime movers in making a winning video for a contest by the Austrian Federation of Teachers. Students in German II and III produced a short video about a German-speaking girl, played by Lizzy, arriving at Woodstock and her encounters with students of many cultures. 260 entries were received worldwide; Woodstock's was in the top 10. In September Lizzy spent a week in Amsterdam attending the German teachers' conference honoring the winning entries.

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