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Jacob's Ladder - Jonathan Mendies

Many times during my childhood
I've climbed the impossible
The Jacob's Ladder
At first I was terrified
By its steepness and length
And as I grew older both
Steepness and length became
My worst enemies

As the years passed I learned to accept
The stairway as it was a never ending
Stairway, the Jacob's Ladder

By now, I've skipped, climbed
And even raced my friends on it
Pulling a muscle or running up and down
For PE classes, will be remembered
By me forever

But when I'm looking down from the top
The never ending stairs look easy
At times I've felt like a god
An eye on the human beings below
But in reality
As I descend the stairs
I'm one of those many common Woodstockers
Who have climbed the impossible.

Jonathan Mendies
for "My Woodstock"

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