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Mrs. Mangalwadi takes sabbatical
year to study in North Ireland

Mrs. Noeline Mangalwadi, Hindi teacher at Woodstock for 14 years, is taking a year off teaching to become a student herself. Mrs. Mangalwadi will pursue a post graduate diploma in teaching English as a Second Language at Queens University in Belfast, North Ireland. On return, her assignment is to write a Hindi curriculum for foreign students in grades 1-12, adapting ESL principles to Hindi.

Mrs. Mangalwadi will audit additional classes at the University. She plans to visit schools in North Ireland to observe language classes and has a schedule to speak at churches, fellowships and schools.

"I'm really happy to have this opportunity. It's very challenging and I'm praying day and night for strength." This is Mrs. Mangalwadi's first time abroad and away from her family. She will live in hostel and is obliged to follow all the rules for students.

Her sabbatical is sponsored jointly by the KWI Staff Development Fund, which is paying her tuition, and the Presbyterian Church in North Ireland Overseas Board. The latter is the most active mission supporting Woodstock, with five staff currently here.

What's been the most common question about her trip? "What will I wear!" says Noeline, who is steadfastly traditional in her dress. "I 'll wear Western clothing for everyday, but saris when I have to speak about India or Woodstock."

Mr. Mangalwadi, the school cashier, will visit his wife for four weeks over winter holiday.

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