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My Coming to Woodstock
by Maxim Paramonov ('01-Russia)

About six months ago my mother said to me that I will be going to Woodstock. My mother said to me that it's a good school and I can greatly improve my English.

I didn't want to come. I had lots of friends in Moscow and I didn't want to leave them. Also I have a girlfriend in Moscow. We love each other very much, and, of course, I didn't want to leave her.

My friends told me that I was going to be in a rollerblading competition. I really want to take part in this competition, because I was sure that I can take at least second place. I couldn't take part in this competition because I had to go to India.

Our friend told us about Woodstock. He said that it's a good school and it's interesting to study there. We believed him.

When we arrived to India, all was new and unusual. Unusual smell, unusual temperature and unusual power from mountains.

I found here very friendly and kind people. The ESL school was unlike our Russian schools. Study here is very interesting and exciting. I had been studying English for seven years in Moscow, but I couldn't speak it. After my coming to Woodstock, I began to speak English at the next day. It's great!

I hope I will stay at this school and continue my study.

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