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1997 Yearbook inspired by 1947

"My early years were spent in British India and the ongoing struggle for self rule was a feature of my landscape. To a child it seemed it would always be thus, obstacle after obstacle, marches, arrests. The parents of some students were even jailed.

"When Independence finally came, it came with a rush. On August 15, 1947 India would be independent, and divided. In the dorms at Woodstock we were keenly aware that when we woke on August fifteenth, it would be a new India. In the morning some of our classmates would be citizens of this new India. Others would be citizens of Pakistan."
Marguerite Thoburn Watkins ('48-USA)

So opens Jai Hind, the 1997 Whispering Pine, a tribute to India and of Woodstock's home in this country.

Drawing on the memoirs and writings of students at the time of Independence, using archival photos of the school and Mussoorie, even Folker Pfenny's grade 5 report card, the yearbook honors our history, so intimately tied to India's history. The sepia dividers with a poem by Sarojini Naidu and excerpts from The Tiger, the Woodstock Weekly and the 1947 yearbook are followed by sections on the current, bustling life of the school. The whole effect, original artwork, writing, photos new and old, speaks of continuity and a robust, dynamic school.

The Class of '97 is indebted to the Class of '47 for their help on this project. The Whispering Pine is produced by the yearbook class, a 1-credit elective course. Mrs. Cookie Wiebe is the advisor.

The Alumni Office has most of the Whispering Pines since 1928. Alumni and friends of the school are always welcome to look at them. Extra copies of certain yearbooks are for sale, including Jai Hind.

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