The Brown and the Gold - May 1996

Woodstock returns to competition
in 55th Dehra Doon District Meet

From The Tiger
Nov. 1995
The Tigers made their mark in Dehra Doon sports on November 4 and 5. The victories were worth all the practices and hard work at Hanson Field. At the 55th Dehra Dun District Meet, many came back winners. Records were broken and friends were made. There was tough competition for some while others cruised to the victory spot with ease.

The Tigresses in the 20-years-and-below division bagged the championship. "I never thought we'd do that well, but I guess all the practices paid off," says Annett Heise.

It was Alwin John's big day. He won the 100 meters, 200 meters and the long jump, in his section. Coach Ajay Mark expected him to do well. although Alwin wasn't too sure. "I thought it would be harder-much harder," Alwin says.

The track athletes had to get used to the field, as compared to our small Hanson Field, the Doon School track is huge. One lap was 400 meters.

Some of our athletes missed events due to the Scholastic Aptitude Tests, which took place the same day. Amit Roy, Castro and Cleopatra Laicer, Chitso Pradhan and Philip Crider arrived at Doon School a few hours after the start of the meet. Castro and Amit missed their 100 meter heats, and instead ran the 200 meters, which they had not practiced. They still did well, coming third and fourth respectively.

Archana Uniyal showed the crowd what she was made of by winning the javelin event in the 20-years-and-below division and breaking the record in the open division in which athletes above the age of 20 were participating. Daniel Muldoon, who came sixth in the 1500 meter and fourth in the cross country marathon, says he could have done better with more practice.

The big event of the day, the open relay, was cancelled as there were not enough teams to compete. Michael, Castro, Alwin, Amit, our relay stars, were to run that race.

Woodstock did exceptionally well and even those of us who don't even bat an eyelid at the extraordinary were amazed at the capability of our peers. Congratulations to our athletes. Many of the other school's competitors said they had missed Woodstock's presence over the last 15 years, and were glad to see us back participating.

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