The Brown and the Gold - May 1996

Thanks, Class of '55
Librarian Margaret McDonald is in high gear these days, thanks in part to some timely support from the Class of 1956. Woodstock School would like to express its thanks to the class for donating a computer for use of the High School library. The gift was made in fond memory of Miss Vera Msrley who worked at Woodstock for so many years. Members of the class made the gift during a reunion held in Mussoorie last year.

Student exchanges enrich school

Woodstock offers several opportunities for student exchanges. Criteria for selection include grade level, academic standing, community conributions, an essay, and an interview.

One cxchange is with Carey Bnptist Grammar School, near Melbourne, Australia. It is known as one Australia's finest schools.

Another is with Meiji Gakuin in Tokyo. Exchange students live with host families and share fully in their lives, including food, family customs, and other activities.

International variety
is our spice of life

The mix at Woodstock continues to be an energizing feature. The distribution of the student body for 1995-96:

Austria          1       Japan        13     Switzerland     3
Australia        5       Korea        32     Tanzania        3
Bangladesh       2       Latvia        1     Thailand        5
Belarus          1       Malayeia      1     Tibet          10
Bhutan          16       Maldives      1     Uganda          1
Canada          10       Nepal        39     U.K.           18
Denmark          2       Netherlands   1     United States  61
Ethiopia         1       New Zeland    3     Uzbekistan      1
Germany         13       Pakistan      1     Vietnam         2
India          171       Russia        9
Iran             1       Seychelles    1
(See also last year's or 1994-95 statistics)

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