The Brown and the Gold - May 1996

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Former and present music students will be shocked to learn that Diana Biswas was seen visiting the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio, this winter, in company of Betty Bob and Jane Pendley. And she enjoyed it. Mrs Biswas, we understand Bach and Mendelssohn, but Elvis?

A consultant who visited last fall doing a survey of international schools in India was heard telling High School Dean James Baron that Woodstock's computer facilities were the best she had seen in India, bar none. She specifically included the American Embassy School in Delhi.

A modern video editing system is now available to Woodstock students. The new equipment, purchased with funds from the American School and Hospital Abroad program, is in the tender care of Drama/Journalism teacher Tom Kidder. He's just signed up for a new hitch at Woodstock, though he isn't saying whether his fancy new toys had anything to do with that decision.

Science teacher Abha Singh will spend next semester at Kodaikanal School in Tamil Nadu helping them set up a Middle School science lab. She was the guiding light behind Woodstock's new /ate, and as a/ways we are happy to see someone from Woodstock showing Kodai the ropes.

A new dart board has appeared in the High School staff f lounge with the following note below it: "This modest recreational device is presented to Woodstock's high school staff and administrators in sincere appreciation for their selfless dedication and hard work, and in the fond hope that they may find a moment or two to relax in the course of each busy day, In appreciation, The Woodstock Old Students Assn. - India "

Kenneth Waldock, the present "burping king" of Hostel, faced harsh competition during a recent contest, says The Tiger. Allegedly, David Mendies organized a competition between Kenneth and a bull during Activity Week. The Tiger reports Kenneth was defeated, though no details were given. However the contest was later ruled unfair and Kenneth is still the reigning `burping king' in Hostel."

Students and staff pitch in, workers iron out grievances
Excerpted from The Tiger

The last week of February, Woodstock was faced with a crisis [when] employees went on strike.

Woodstock weathered the crisis because of the cooperation between students and staff members, which kept everything running. Things returned to normal as the employees returned to work on the evening of February 28 [after a strike of three days.]

"We always have a way of pulling together to do what has to tee done," said Rev. Flaming. According to Rev. Flaming, inquiries by local police led to allegations of mistreatment of a kitchen employee. This sparked off protest among bearerjis and the maintenance crew [who felt the school had not adequately intervened to protect them from the alleged brutality ]

The goal of the strike was to make sure the school understood the problem the employees faced. They wanted some assurance that they were to be protected

With the Uttarkhand crisis as a catalyzing agent, "falling into a serious confrontation' was one of Rev, Flaming's concerns.

A delegation of employees executed informal negotiations that led to settlement of the issue after expressions of regret, and a commitment that incident would be investigated.]

Opinion -
Bearerji khana do

An editorial by Tina Thomas
Excerpted from The Tiger

We need each other. Living in a small community brings everyone closer, whether it is the staff, students or employees, We are a body that cannot function without its vital parts.

The employees play a big role in our community, When the employees went on strike, everyone realized their importance, not just as employees, but as people. We recognized their dedication and the responsibility they feel toward the students, Before the employees went on strike they served the students breakfast.

During the strike, one of their greatest concerns was for our welfare, "We were very worried about the children," said one bearerji.

It was incredible how the students responded to this situation, They were cooperative end extremely helpful. They really liked the idea of missing a couple of classes to help with meals, The students worked as a team. "You all did very well," said one bearerji.

The incident made the students realize the importance of employees to the school. We realized how much employees have to do to meet our needs. When we had the task of cleaning up, it was not easy.

Everyone was thrilled when the employees returned. Students hugged them with warm welcomes.

Everyone learned from this situation, Now that we are aware of the work the employees do, we should show our appreciation by being respectful and sensitive to them. We ought to make efforts to be polite while taking our meals. We should also help by not littering. Let us not forget the lessons we learned.

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