The Brown and the Gold - May 1996

Woodstock School Archive taking shape above the Quadrangle
A new Woodstock School Archive is rapidly taking shape above the administrative offices at the far end of the Quadrangle.

The Archive is being established as a project of the Class of l942.

Renovation of the two-room suite began during the winter vacation. The rooms are immediately adjacent to the Development/Alumni office and will be entered from that area. Most of the basic work is done and workers are now installing wiring, lights, window frames and doors.

The outer room will be about 10 meters by 10 meters, with a window that looks out the back of the school toward the hills to the east. It will have space for some storage and also for some display cases. A prominent feature of the room will he the large desk that once belonged to Miss Vera Marley.

The second room in the suite will be somewhat smaller and is designed not for appearances but for security. It will be windowless with smooth, hard finishes on the floor and walls to reduce dust and to enable climate and humidity to be controlled more easily.

This second room will be devoted to filing cabinets and storage and will be a place where historical material can be stored with a minimum of traffic. Material can be retrieved from this room and moved into the outer room for examination and use by researchers.

WOSA-North America, in cooperation with the class of '42, has established an Archives Committee to advise on equipping and use of the Archive once the physical structure is completed this summer.

The Archive Committee is being headed by Margo Warner Curl ('67).

Thanks for your support
Woodstock School
and WOSA-India express their appreciation to the following individuals who made contributions through or to the Alumni Office in recent months:
     Pushpa Bhatia            	Ginny Uppal
     John Burkhalter          	Mrs. Gupta
     Bob & Ellen Alter        	Pauline Thomas
     Sheryl Burkhalter Gupta  	Frank Loeffler

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