The Brown and the Gold - May 1996
Middle School shines as students return

Middle School students and staff seem to have renewed enthusiasm this semester - everyone agrees renovations in the Middle School area are a significant improvement.

Things look great, with fresh white paint and bright red carpets. A new hallway access to the Middle School area above the Quad Auditorium makes it feel more central and more connected to the Quad.

The overall effect is that the Middle School is more educationally alive and has received increased visibility at Woodstock.

Additions include a new audio-visual learning center next to the Quad Library, auld a new staff workroom area on the same noon Two classrooms are now more usably sized, and the Quad Auditorium is refurbished with stage and window curtains along with striking new paint.

The office and teacher's workroom are also reconfigured into lighter, more accessible rooms. Even the book room is more conveniently located.

The precursor of all this was a well equipped science laboratory completed last semester, which is also getting lots of use in the Middle School. As a result, science is coming alive for many students as they do more intricate laboratory experiments in the new facility.

The elementary area of the Quad School received attention last semester as well. Bright red, blue, green and yellow doorways lead the way into clean, organized classrooms.

Two colorful and stimulating animal murals grace the wall in the hallway and the third grade room. It is a feast 'or the eyes to walk slown the elementary hallway, with children's work samples and art pieces hanging on the brightly colored bulletin boards.

We are proud of our Quad School surroundings.


Did you know

Did you know that Woodstock School was the third school outside of the United States to receive American accreditation. The first two were in Paris and Geneva.


Directory will go forward

At a meeting held February 22 in Delhi, the WOSA-India Council decided to go ahead with plans to publish a directory of all WOSA members living in India.

The Council had been reconsidering the plan after learning that an updated WOSA directory listing members world-wide is to be published in North America this summer.

Council members felt there were a number of advantages to a separate WOSA-India directory. They asked Prem Bery ('49) to proceed with his plans.

Mr. Bery, a member of the Council, is heading up the project for WOSA-India.

The group also encouraged Mr. Bery to continue exploring the possibility of offsetting costs by selling advertisements, and authorized him to co opt other Council members or WOSA members to assist.

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