The Brown and the Gold - May 1996

Council endorses plan for WOSA scholarship

A proposal to raise 10 1akhs for a scholarship for children of alumni has been endorsed by WOSA-India. The endorsement came at a February meeting of the WOSA Council. The plan was proposed by Tensingh Nema ('80), who personally pledged a contribution of Rs. 10,000. Tom Alter ('68) matched his pledge, as did a third old student who wishes to remain anonymous, for a total of Rs. 30,000 in leadership pledges.

The proposal has been submitted to the Woodstock administration and board for their reaction.

At the same time, the Council instructed WOSA President Kiran Kapoor ('74) to appoint a committee, to include Tensingh Nema and Sec./Tres. Glenn Conrad, to develop a three-year fundraising plan targeting the WOSA-India membership.

The proposal would provide an endowment for scholarships for WOSA children of Indian nationality who would not otherwise be able to attend Woodstock.

The proposal describes the scholarship as one which "would be awarded annually by the School's Grants Committee to one or more students who are Indian citizens, children of former students, and who the School is ready to admit but who are not in any other preferred category and would be unable to go to Woodstock without the scholarship."

The exact mechanism for implementing the scholarship is one of several questions that remain to be clarified with the school, but the general idea is that the Rs. 10 lakh would beheld and invested by Woodstock, with interest used to aid a student Woodstock designates following general criteria of the endowments terms.

"All of us who went to Woodstock owe a part of who we are to that experience," Mr. Nema wrote in his proposal. "We came to Woodstock by many different paths, and had different reactions, but for most of us it was a positive event in our lives.

"The support structure which once sustained the School is changing, and it has occurred to more than one of us that if we were standing at the Woodstock gate today, finances might prevent us from attending. It is a reality shared by many old students."

Mr. Nema, affectionately known in the Woodstock community as "Momo," also pointed out that "the School is searching for support systems to replace the outdated ones as they fall away.

"The School would benefit from the Scholarship. It should also give a sense of satisfaction to us as WOSA-India, and as individuals," he wrote.

"As old students, some of us might contribute because of sentiment, some for the satisfaction of giving something back, some out of a wish to help the school and make it a better place, and some out of a sense of philosophical support for the kind of education the School is giving. The fact that our reasons vary does not matter. In the end, we all would benefit and so would the School."

Tensingh also pointed out that if each WOSA member living in India would contribute just Rs. 3,000 the goal would be reached.

The proposal adopted by the Council suggests the goal be pursued as a three-year project.

The next meeting of the WOSA-India Council is scheduled for June 16, in Mussoorie.

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