The Brown and the Gold - May 1996

New plan aims the school
toward the 21st Century

A long-range plan describing directions for Woodstock School through the year 2009 is currently the final phases of drafting.

The plan has been in the works for several years, and was forwarded to the Executive Committee of the Board early this year. The Executive Committee approved the plan at its meeting in April, and the 50-page document was to be on the agenda of the full Board in mid-May.

The introduction of the plan points out that during the first decade of the 21st Century, Woodstock will celebrate 150 years in existence and, in 2009, the 50th year since it became the first high school in Asia accredited by the Middle States Association of Collages and Secondary Schools.

The text goes on to say that "Woodstock intends to mark these anniversaries by consolidating its credentials as a school of international distinction in South Asia."

The document is entitled "Service Through Excellence: A Long-Range Plan for Woodstock School Through The Year 2009."

The document describes a series of tangible affirmations, actions, and coordinated steps intended to accomplish five goals:

- Strengthen and consolidate the staff.
- Energize the academic program.
- Focus on student identity and needs.
- Respond to physical plant requirements.
- Communicate more clearly about Woodstock in its Indian context.
Among the more noteworthy features of the plan are:

A synopsis of the plan summarizes the entire intention in two lengthy but "meaty" paragraphs:

"Woodstock intends to pursue these goals without sacrificing the elements that make the School such a unique place. It is this very mix which provides the foundation. Woodstock affirms and will strengthen the international character which gives it such unusual vibrancy and vitality. Woodstock will preserve its identity as a community with an unapologetic motivation rooted in the teachings of Jesus Christ, coupled always with an affirmation of the value of the pilgrimages of those of other faiths. Woodstock will strive to provide an education marked by academic excellence, and a caring and supportive environment for its residential students. Woodstock will be more intentional in its commitment to being an international school in an Indian setting in the Himalayan Mountains.

"The closing phrase of the Woodstock School Creed, adopted in the early part of the century now drawing to a close, exhorts members of our community to 'transmit this School greater, better and more beautiful than it was transmitted to us.' The intentions of this plan lie within that spirit of continued striving toward the elusive goal of excellence."

The WOSA-India Council In keeping with agreements made during the Annual Meeting of WOSA-India in October, 1995, current Council members are:
     Kiran Kapoor   Ashoke Chatterjee   Sheila Bery Lal
     Saroj Kapadia  Tom Alter           Ruth Seefeldt
     Shiv Nanda     H.K. "Kavi" Singh   Prem Bery
     Romesh Suri    Glenn Conrad (ex-officio)
Ideas, suggestions, questions and continents about WOSA can be given to any of these individuals. The next elections for Council members will be held in 1997.

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