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James Curran's McEldowney histories cover ***ALL*** McEldowneys in the U.S. They are not limited to one branch.

However, below are only PARTs of Curran's McEldowney geneologies --


                    Great-Great-Grandparents Generation

McELDOWNEY-GGGP-JMSR                        Last updated: 8/15/94

      John & Mary McCutcheon/Margaret Malcolm/Jane Morris McEldowney 

John (nmn) McEldowney
     b. 1790-1800 (per 1840 Census if we have right one)
         c. 1792 (per 1850 Census)
         1783 (per RM3; Frances A. Metcalf Curran claimed this
          date was absolutely known!)
     m. Mary McCutcheon
     wid 1830
     rem. 1832-1834, Margaret Malcolm, Omagh, Co. Tyrone
     emig late 1835-early 1836 to St. John's, New Brunswick
     emig 1837-early 1838 to Pittsburgh area
     Nat.  D.I. 10 Feb 1841
     Nat: 7 Oct 1844,Sponsor: George R. RIDDLE
     moved to Iowa mid-1850's
     wid 1864
     rem. c. 1865, Jane Morris
     d. FEB 1870, LaGrange, IA
     bur. semi-abandoned cemetery near what used to be LaGrange,
          IA with 2nd wife Margaret Malcolm and daughter Margaret
          A. McEldowney

Mary McCutcheon
     daughter of a Methodist minister in Omagh; a James
          McCutcheon is listed as a Former Superintendent
          minister in 1837-38 for the Omagh Methodist Church in
          their  ,
          7 May 1966.
     b. Scotland
     d. 1830, Omagh, Co. Tyrone

Children of Mary McCutcheon:
     Mary McEldowney Wilson
          b. c. 1814, Omagh, Co. Tyrone, Ireland
          m. 6 NOV 1836, James Wilson, New Brunswick, Can.
          d. 16 SEP 1857, Pittsburgh
          bur. Uniondale in McEldowney plot
          reinterred 16 MAR 1929, Homewod, Sec. 9, Lot 709
     (unknown daughter)
*** The following contradicts the extended obit of John
          McEldowney, Jr., both as to the total number of
          children and the number of each sex, which states there
          were three brothers and two sisters in the family;
          poss. this is actually the child I have identified as
          an unknown daughter, or it may mean that the obit only
          counted the children who emigrated.
     George McEldowney
          d. in infancy, Omagh, Co Tyrone, Ireland
     James McEldowney
          b. 8 SEP 1815, Omagh, Co. Tyrone, Ireland
          m. prob c. 1840, Nancy Ray  (would have been at SMEC
               but records for 1832-1848 are missing)
          d. 17 MAR 1880 (per RM3)
          See McELDOWNEY-MMcC-GGP-JM
     John McEldowney
          b. 6 JAN 1824, Omagh, Co. Tyrone, Ireland
          m. 5 NOV 1846, C(K)atherine Kimes of Baltimore (but
               apparently resident in Pittsburgh at the time)
          d. 6 MAR 1904, MI
     Robert (nmn) McEldowney
          b. 10 SEP 1826, Omagh, Co. Tyrone, Ireland
          m. 1 APR 1847, Hester L. McFarland, Pittsburgh, PA
          d. 8 DEC 1895, Pittsburgh, PA
          bur 10 DEC 1895, Uniondale Cemetery
          See McELDOWNEY-MMcC-GGP-RM

Margaret Malcolm
     b. c. 1800
     m. 1832-1835, John McEldowney, prob. Omagh, Co. Tyrone
     d. 10 SEP 1864
     bur. semi-abandoned cemetery near what used to be LaGrange,
          IA with husband John McEldowney and daughter Margaret
          A. McEldowney

Children of Margaret Malcolm:
     4 daughters  "went west when grandfather died married a
          third time, second wife having died" (Aunt Essie)
**** Where was Catherine in the 1850 Census? Already married at
     C(K)atherine J. "Kate" McEldowney Boyd
          b. OCT 1834, poss. Dublin, more likely Omagh
          m. R. J. Boyd (d. 1888)
          d. 22 JUN 1916
               Tom Boyd
                    married, but no children
               (unk dau) Boyd Talbott
                    m. S. G. Talbott
                         1 son, 1 dau
               (unk dau) Boyd Copeland Ingersoll
                    b. c. 1865
                    m. ? Copeland
                         D. H. Copeland
                    rem. W. H. Ingersoll
     Jemima/Harriett "Hattie"  McEldowney Scott
          b. c. 1835, New Brunswick, Can.
          m. ? Scott
          res. Griswold, IA
               David Scott
               Wilma/Willa Scott
               Georgia Scott
               Kittie Scott Carlisle
                    m. Frank P. Carlisle
     Hester Ann "Hetty" Rodgers McEldowney Lind Prather
          b. 23 APR 1839, Bakerstown, PA
          m. Dr. W. H. Lind
          rem. Dr. Prather
          d. 2 JUL 1930
          This almost certainly is the girl who shows up in the
               1850 census with the unreadable name of (?Adss? -
               female) McEldowney
          See McEldowney-MM-GGP-HARMP
     Margaret/Margaretta A. "Maggie/Margie" McEldowney
          b. c. 1842, Bakerstown, PA  (father: 50, mother:42)
          d. c. 1863, LaGrange, IA
          bur. semi-abandoned cemetery near what used to be
               LaGrange, IA with husband John McEdlowney and
               daughter Margaret A. McEldowney
     Lucinda/Lucille/Lucinella/Leneineda/Lucinad Caroline
               "Lucy/Lucie" McEldowney Parr
          b. c. 1844, Bakerstown, PA (father: 52, mother: 44)
          m. 12 JUL 1865, Samuel Benton Parr (d. 1876)

Jane Morris
     b. c. 1834
     m. c. 1865, John McEldowney
     wid FEB 1870
     prob. rem. ? Scott
     d. 1904, near White Rock, SD, at home of son William Lynn
     bur. May 1904, White Rock Cem, SD

Children of Jane Morris:
     William Lynn McEldowney
          b. 1 SEP 1866, La Grange, Lucas Co, IA  (father: 74,
		mother: 32)
          m. 11 DEC 1892, Ella Jane Mason (b. 13 MAR 1876, d. 25
               MAY 1955)
          d. 14 NOV 1955
     Benjamin Wade Butler McEldowney
          28 APR 1869, La Grange, Lucas Co, IA (father: 77,
		mother: 35)
          m. 1903, Elizabeth Louise Clark (b. FEB 1872, d. 5 OCT 1963)
          d. 26 OCT 1941


This immediate family was Church of Ireland while living in Ireland and
New Brunswick, although some members of their extended family in Ireland
were Methodist.  After death of first wife, Mary McCutcheon, John was
remarried to Margaret Malcolm.  Due to the possible birthplace of Dublin
for their first child Catherine in 1834, they may have lived, and even
been married in Dublin.  Yhey then emigrated to St. John's, New Brunswick
where he taught school, and then to Pittsburgh.  There also appears to be
some question as to whether the James and Margaret McFarland of Omagh
whose daughter Hester married Robert McEldowney may have emigrated at the
same time as the McEldowneys, possibly even traveling with them.  There
are clear ties between McFarlands and McEldowneys in Omagh and both
families are first definitively identified as being in Pittsburgh in
1838.  The McFarlands had been in NYC and the McEldowneys in New
Brunswick in 1836.  However, Mary McEldowney Wilson was apparently the
first to leave New Brunswick in 1836 and might well have ended up in New
York before moving on to Pittsburgh.

They didn't become Methodist until after arrival in Pittsburgh where they
attended the Smithfield Street Church and were converted in 1838 in a
revival meeting.

Abstracted from the biography of his son John:

     [John McEldowney] was a classical scholar versed in the ancient
     languages and steeped in the love of ancient Greece and Rome.  This
     schoolmaster thought more of books and of Latin verse, and of the
     poems of Homer than he did of business thrift or of financial gain .
     . .  He was interested in education and men.  So marked was his . . .
     taste for classical studies that at the age of six the boy John [his
     son] was learning Latin congugations [sic] and Greek declensions.

Taught school in Omagh, Co. Tyrone.  Had a private school in Pittsburgh.
"All very literary folks" (Hester Luella McEldowney).  The biography of
his grandson Henry Clay McEldowney states that John "had the first and,
at that time, only private school in Pittsburgh."  Have been unable to
identify the school in any records.

2nd wife "not kind to first wife's children" (Hester Luella McEldowney)

In 1837, a Mrs. McEldowney is listed as a bonnet maker, East Common,
Allegheny.  Almost certainly has to be John's 2nd wife Margaret.

In 1839, he was listed as a teacher on Ohio St., boarding at E.  commons
& Main

1840 Census,  Allegheny, All. Co., p. 273:
     Jn McEldourgh[sic]
          1 male 10-15 [Robert at age 14]
          1 male 40-50 [John at approx. age 48]
          1 female 30-40 [Margaret Malcolm at approx. age 40]
     This is the only possible found in the State of Pennsylvania
     Index.  However, where is John, Jr. at age 16, Katherine at
     age 6, Jemima at age  5 and Hester at age 1?

From ,
     McELDOWNEY, John (1844) Bn: Ire; DI: 10 Feb 1841; Nat: 7 Oct
          1844; Sponsor: George R. RIDDLE
     Only his son James was old enough to require separate
     naturalization which he did in 1849.

Split with SMEC and went to the Wesleyan Church, apparently on basis of
abolition and apparently c. 1844-1845.  Unfortunately this falls in the
1832-1848 16 year gap in SMEC records.  Are there Wesleyan Church records
for the period?

From the biography of his son John:
     Soon after [son John's] marriage [in 1846], [John] was led
     partly by the example of his father and his elder brother
     James, and partly by his own convictions, to transfer his
     membership and his ministry to the Wesleyan Church
     [apparently Abolitionists], which was the pronounced and
     implacable foe of African slavery.  

1850 Census, 3rd Ward, Allegheny, Allegheny Co.:
     Household 167, family 177:
          John McEldownie[sic] 58  laborer   real est=$500    
          Margaret       50                          Ireland
          Jemima H.      15                          New Brunswick
          (?Adss? - female)   11                          PA
          Margaret A.           8                         PA
          Lucinda C.            6                         PA
Frances A. Metcalf Curran, commenting on this same entry, says
"age? makes him born in 1792?  We know he was born 1783!"  How
does she know?

There is some question as to where John and Margaret Malcolm
lived in the late 1830's & 1840's.  RM3 believes family first
settled in Bakerstown, PA.  There is a Bakerstown on Rte. 8 just
north of the Turnpike.  If so, they were prob. there only a
**very** short time; the timing is very tight:
     a. Jemima/Harriett "Hattie"  McEldowney Scott b. c. 1835,
          St. John's, New Brunswick, Can.
     b. Mary McEldowney m. 6 NOV 1836, James Wilson, New
          Brunswick, Can.
     c. Mary & James Wilson preceded family to Pittsburgh
     d. In 1837, Margaret Malcolm McEldowney is listed in
          Allegheny as a bonnet maker.
However, it may well be that Bakerstown was the home of Mary and
James Wilson.

We can positively place John and Margaret in Pittsburgh- Allegheny in
1837, 1839 & 1850 and poss. 1840.  There is indirect evidence that they
lived there up through 1846 attending SMEC in Pittsburgh proper.  Their
son Robert was married and lived in Pittsburgh proper in 1847.  The first
two children of son John were born in West Middleton in 1847 and
Allegheny in 1849.  Cannot find West Middletown today, but Middletown is
east of Pittsburgh near Youngwood.  Have a specific birthplace for only
one of son James' children, James Henry in 1850, and that is Bakerstown.
In the 1850 Census, James was in West Deer Twp.  Bakerstown today is
north of Pittsburgh in Richland Twp., but Richland wasn't incorporated
until 1862, and it was made up from two other townships, one of which was
West Deer.  So it is safe to say James lived in or near Bakerstown.
However, the families of 3 of the daughters of John & Margaret Malcolm
McEldowney also claim that their progenitors were born in Bakerstown -
Hester Ann "Hetty" Rodgers in 1839, Margaret A. in 1842 and Lucinda
Caroline in 1844.  In an attempt to tie James & Mary Wilson to Bakerstown,
every name in the 1840 Census for West Deer Twp, which was a very small
area, was unsuccessfully checked.  However, even 'tho it might be
entirely meaningless, I did find a Thos Wilson and a clutch of 3
McCutcheon familes, Saml, Geo., and Jas. G., any one of which might
explain why the McEldowney family came to the Pgh area in the first place.

Bakerstown in that day would have been one of those you-can't-
get-there-from-here places.  Hell, you can't get there from here today!
It is a minimum of 16 miles from Pittsburgh over horrible territory north
of the city almost to the Butler Co. border that hasn't really been
opened up until the last 40-50 years.  It would not have been a place
that someone would have chosen to commute from for work or church in the
1840's.  So we seem to be left with the following choices:
     a) they weren't really born in Bakerstown, but Pittsburgh-
     b) the Wilsons may have also lived in Bakerstown, 
     c) the fact that John was a boarder in Allegheny in 1839
          suggests he may have gone home only on weekends,
     d) there may have been another Bakerstown that no longer
          exists closer in, or
     e) Margaret went to step-son James' or step-daughter Mary
          Wilson's house for the births, even though there is the
          suggestion Margaret didn't get along with the step-
Take your choice.

City Directory:
     1850: McEldowney, John, grocer, Ohio st., Allegheny

Hester Luella McEldowney wrote "second [wife] not kind to first wife's
children of whom my father was one - she had four daughters of her own -
they went west where grandfather married a third time second wife having
died and is buried in the west."  Between 1850 & 1860, John and Margaret
and the 4 remaining daughters went west to LaGrange, Iowa. Margaret died
in 1864, and he married a third time, prob. in 1865, to Jane Morris. He
and Margaret are buried in Iowa.

From a letter written by Rev. James E. McEldowney, grandson of
JMSR, to JTC, dtd. 19 JUN 1994:
     La Grange no longer exists.  It was a town of some 100 residences at
     one time along the stage coach route but when the Burlington railway
     was put through and followed the valley instead of the hilltops
     people moved their houses to the railway towns (Melrose and Russell)
     so when I first visited the area in 1917 none of the houses remained
     and it had reverted to farm land.

From a letter written by Benjamin Wade Butler McEldowney, last
child of JMSR, to his half-cousin, J. Henry McEldowney, dtd. 27
JAN 1928:
     Father had been a store keeper in La Grange Ia. about the time he
     married my mother [Jane Morris].  He also had taught school in Lucas
     County near Russell as I have heard a number of people tell of his
     teaching.  I think perhaps he did some preaching also as I have some
     books of his which he probably would have if he had been a preacher,
     although about this matter I cannot speak positively.

From , by Rev. James E. McEldowney,
grandson of JMSR, 1993:
     p. 18:
          While they were there Dad [Benjamin Wade Butler McEldowney] and
     Uncle Will [William Lynn McEldowney] took us boys to his birthplace
     near La Grange, Iowa (The town is no more).  As we tried to find
     where the town had been we stopped an elderly man on the road who
     remembered Dad's father and he gave us directions.  We found where
     the old town had been and also the site where Dad was born.  It was
     along a country road.  None of the buildings remained.  Nearby,
     along a creek, there were outcroppings of coal.  Dad had told us he
     remembered his mother saying there were coal mines not far away.
          Then we learned more about Dad's family when we went to an
     abandoned cemetery along Highway 34 not far from his home.  Dad's
     father. John; his second wife, Margaret; and a twenty one year old
     daughter, Margaret, were all buried there.  Dad did not remember his
     father, for he was only two years old in 1870, when his father died,
     Uncle Will barely remembered him.
     p. 43:
          I found out some things about my father's family that summer.
     There was a man from Iowa working in the mill who had known my
     grandfather, John McEldowney.  As a boy he had sat on my
     grandfather's lap and listened as he told stories of Ireland.
     Grandfather had also been his teacher and much more.  As he told it
     grandfather had also been postmaster at the La Grange Stage Stop on
     the overland road between Burlington and Council Bluffs, Iowa, and
     had also been a local Methodist preacher.  Uncle Will had been about
     four when grandfather died and did not clearly remember him.  Father
     was two years younger.  My grandfather was eighty seven, married to
     Jane Morris, his third wife, when my father was born.  I often
     regretted I did not ask the man more about Grandfather, for Dad was
     not able to recall anything of him.  Cousin Alice [apparently Jennie
     Alice McEldowney Pearsall] had a picture of Grandfather, but not
     many pictures were taken in the 1860's and the picture was not clear.

On 13 FEB 1946, Hester Luella McEldowney wrote the following note to
Helyn Crow and included much McEldowney family history which is
distributed through many of these writeups:

     Dear Helyn

     Hope everything is all right with you. Some time ago I thought you
     were not well informed about your family, so I thought I would send
     a little information.  I hope you will be able to understand it.  I
     thought Jane was interesting [apparently Jane McEldowney Freeland,
     great-granddaughter of John, granddaughter of Robert, daughter of
     Allen, and her marital escapades] but Allie might not like my
     repeating it, and in fact might not know I knew what I wrote.
     Perhaps I knew more than was so.

                                             Aunt Essie

Postscript: It wasn't for lack of trying on John's part, or his sons'
parts, particularly Robert and James, that McEldowney isn't a more common

Things to do:
     1. Marriages to follow up on:
          a. Sarah McEldowney and a George O'Neill found in
               marriage index at Carnegie Library. 
          b. Samuel McE. Shepard & Ida B. Wright, 14 FEB 1883
          c. Clarence Elbert McEldowney & Irene Frances Israel,
               1918, banker from New Martinsville, WV, m. in Pgh
     2. Who are Richard, Peter and Michael McEldowney? They don't
          show up anywhere in RM3's chart.
     3. What was this "first private school in Pittsburgh" school
          JMSR taught at?
     4. Which of the Meth. churches in Pgh was the Wesleyan
     5. Lynn appears as a middle name in two totally separate
          branches of the family. Does this imply a tie back to a
          Lynn, which is a cognate of Flynn, in Ireland?
     6. Chk Thos Wilson, and McCutcheon families in West Deer Twp
          in 1850.
McELDOWNEY-MISC-SMEC Last updated: 11/16/93

                   Smithfield Methodist Episcopal Church

Smithfield was the stomping grounds of the McEldowney family in their
early years in Pittsburgh.  It was organized 27 SEP 1788, 4 years after
the denomination was formed at Baltimore in DEC 1784.

Several successive buildings existed at the corner of Smithfield and 7th
Ave and eventually became the offices of the denomination.  It was known
as "The Brimstone Corner M. E.  Church".

The church in the early 1800's was structured into classes that met
throughout the week at various locations.  

The Abolitionist movement within the church obviously had great
antecedents; early in the 1800's approximately 25% of their membership
were Blacks. However, interestingly enough, Blacks were apparently
segregated within the church: they were always clearly identified as
Blacks in 1810s and 1820s and there were classes composed of strictly
Blacks.  What is not clear is whether all Blacks were assigned to
all-Black classes.  By 1830s, these distinctions were no longer made.

In the 1810s and 1820s, husbands and wives apparently did not belong to
the same class although classes were mixed male-female.

Found clear indications of such segregation, but am not sure whether
there were examples of the opposite.  By early 1830s, this policy seems
to have changed.

Membership lists were kept in ledger books.  Each ledger seems to have
held 15-16 years of lists.  One ledger covering 1830-1846 seems to be
missing.  Have checked records up through 1920.  Records in many cases
are extremely difficult to interpret.  There are many seeming errors or
omissions that may result from these problems.  Besides the obvious
problems of faded and hard- to-read writing, the poor quality of the
microfilms adds more difficulties.  Often entries are not dated and only
approximate time periods can be assigned to them.  The ledgers were used
as logs; i.e., the original entry would have been made at one time and
later notes would be added, often in a very different hand.  So even when
an entry can be associated with a specific date, not all the information
in that entry necessarily came from that date.  Deaths and funerals were
never recorded as such until 1912.  Burials aren't mentioned at all.
Previously, I found occasional notes added to membership or classes lists
indicating a death date, but these were the exception and don't begin to
cover all the deaths that would have occurred.  The number of baptisms
recorded is curiously low; I have the impression that there were many
more marriages recorded than baptisms.  Even then I have the feeling that
some marriages that I might reasonably have expected to find aren't

On top of all this, there appear to be several problems with microfilming
with the same pages being microfilmed in different places, thus putting
them in the wrong time frame.  But this is countered by the evident
problems presented by alphabetizing a large congregation by hand well
into the 20th Century.  Many, many pages were obviously worksheets that
were used as the source for later, neater pages.  It was also obvious
there were some false starts.  In some places, most notably a list of
baptisms, a list was recopied in its entirety and added to at another
later date.  Why this was done is not at all clear.  
McELDOWNEY-JM-GGP-BWBM Last updated:  8/12/94
         Benjamin Wade Butler & Elizabeth Louise Clark McEldowney

son of John & Jane Morris McEldowney (McELDOWNEY-GGGP-JMSR)
half-g-g-uncle of Ann Aikins Wright Curran (CURRAN-PC-CUR-JTC)

Benjamin Wade Butler McEldowney
     b. 28 APR 1869, near La Grange, Lucas Co., Iowa
     grad 1900, Simpson College 
     m. 1903, Elizabeth Louise Clark (b. FEB 1872, d. 5 OCT 1963)
     d. 26 OCT 1941, Des Moines Methodist Hospital
     bur. Norwalk, Iowa

Elizabeth Louise Clark 
     b. FEB 1872
     m. 1903, Benjamin Wade Butler Clark
     d. 5 OCT 1963

     John Robert McEldowney
          b. 26 OCT 1904
          m. 5 JUN 1928, Hazel Virginia Kringel 
          d. 26 DEC 1982
          See McELDOWNEY-JM-GP-JRM
     James Edward McEldowney
          b. 11 MAR 1907, Henry, SD
          m. 1933, Ruth E. Calkins 
          wid. MAR 1989
          rem. 4 NOV 1990, Jeanne Nave 
          See McELDOWNEY-JM-GP-JEM
     Morris Clark McEldowney
          b. 29 NOV 1905
          m. SEP 1932, Grace Smith (b. 17 SEP 1904)
          d. aft 1982
          See McELDOWNEY-JM-GP-MCM
     Clara Jeanette McEldowney Faust
          b. 18 JAN 1909
          m. Fon Faust
          1928, freshman in college, apparently in Indianola, IA
          1944 res, Marshalltown (Iowa?)
               Donald Faust
                    m. ?
               Marilyn Lousie Faust
                    b. 8 JAN 1942, Marshalltown, IA
                    m. 24 JUN 1962, William Dennis Woodward (b. 2
                         OCT 1942; parents: William Russell and
                         Cora Charity Houghton Woodward),
                         Marshalltown, IA
                    div. 1981, Scotts Bluff, Nebr.
                         William Mark Woodward
                              b. 20 MAY 1964, Marshalltown, IA
                         Monty Alden Woodward
                              b. 5 JUN 1966, Cuba City, WI
                         Kevin Lee Woodward
                              b. 6 DEC 1967, Chippewa, WI
                         Darin Eric Woodward
                              b. 12 MAR 1971, Cumberland, WI


Ltr. written by BWBM to his half nephew J. Henry McEldowney, son
of James & Nancy Ray McEdlowney:
406 West it 
Indianola, Ia.      
					January 27, 1928
     Dear Sir:
          When my sons were in Detroit in December, they got into touch
     with some people by the name of McEldowney, whom we think perhaps
     are related to us.
          My father's name was John McEldowney.  My mother was his third
     wife.  They were married only about five years before he died which
     was in February 1872 [sic], I think.  My father's first family were
     grown up and married somewhere in the East and we have always been
     lost to them, and they to us, so far as I know.  Of the second
     family there were four girls.  They also had been married and were
     gone before I was born, or when I was very small.  There was Hattie
     [sic? Hettie? Jemima was apparently also known as Harriett or
     "Hattie"] or Hester, who married Dr. Prather, and afterward Dr.
     Lynn; a Lucy who married a Parr; a Jemima, who married a Scott; and
     Katheryn, who married a Boyd.  Of the latter two I never heard my
     mother say very much.  Hattie lived in La Grange, Iowa for a number
     of years and afterwards moved to West Virginia, I think.  Jemima
     lived in Griswold for quite a long time.  There were two of us in my
     father's family.  My brother [William Lynn McEldowney], who is older
     than I, lives in Washington State.
          We were glad indeed to get your letter.  I have been preaching
     in the Methodist Episcopal Church now for nearly 30 years.  My
     eldest son graduated from the Simpson Conservatory of Music last
     June.  My two younger sons are to graduate next June.  They are
     planning also to follow the vocation of preaching.  My daughter is
     now in her freshman year in college here.  I myself graduated from
     Simpson College in 1900.  My mother has been dead now for about
     twenty five years.  She was naturally somewhat quiet and did not
     talk much, besides she had to work very hard to provide for the
     boys, for we were scarcely more than babies when father died, so I
     never heard her say much about my father's side of the family.
          We were indeed glad to hear from you and to get your picture.
     If you have any pictures of my father, that you could spare, I
     should be glad to get one, as I haven't any picture of him and do
     not remember at all how he looked as I was only about a year and a
     half old when he died.
          Father had been a store keeper in La Grange Ia. about the time
     he married my mother [Jane Morris].  He also had taught school in
     Lucas County near Russell as I have heard a number of people tell of
     his teaching.  I think perhaps he did some preaching also as I have
     some books of his which he probably would have if he had been a
     preacher, although about this matter I cannot speak positively.
          My children's names are Robert, Morris, James and Jeannette.
     The oldest is about 25 and the youngest 19.  I was impressed with
     the similarity between the names of my children and those of my
     father's first family.  This is all I can think of to write that
     might interest you.  If you have any information, or if I can give
     you any further information, I would be more than glad to give it to
                         Very truly yours,
                                        B. W. McEldowney

From  (minutes of 1944):

          [BWBM] was graduated from Simpson College in 1900 and became a
     member of the Des Moines Conference the same year, Very soon he
     transferred to So. Dakota where he served sixteen years in churches
     in the eastern part of the state.
          In 1903 he married Elizabeth Louise Clark of Lucas Co., Iowa,
     and she has been not only his joy in the home and the mother of his
     four chidren but a partner in the work of the church so that the
     sons and daughter hold as a sacred pledge the example of mutual love
     and Christian service of their parents.
          In 1916 he returned to Iowa from So. Dakota and since that time
     has served numerous pastorates in southwestern Iowa.  He was
     appointed for the second time to Gray at the 1940 conference, the
     earlier appointment being to the Manning Gray charge in 1916.
     Though he received the retired relationship in the conference in
     1941, he was invited to continue his ministry at Gray and served
     until sickness interrupted his ministry.  On September 14th, he
     conducted this last preaching service under great pain but his usual
     desire to serve God.  On the 25th of September he was admitted to
     the Iowa Methodist Hospital where the gracious care of the nurses
     and doctors and relatives brought him every comfort humanly possible
     during the last weeks of his life.
          He died at the Methodist Hospital in Des Moines on October 18,
     1941 at the age of 73 years.  The funeral and the burial were at



                             McELDOWNEY FAMILY

                         Grandparents' Generation

                            Jane Morris Branch
McELDOWNEY-JM-GP-MCM  Last updated: 8/12/94

                Rev. Morris Clark & Grayce Smith McEldowney

Morris Clark McEldowney
     b. 29 NOV 1905
     ord. United Church of Christ
     m. SEP 1932, Grayce Smith 
     d. aft 1982

Grayce Smith
     b. 17 SEP 1904
     m. SEP 1932, Morris Clark McEdlowney

     (Jane?) Pauline McEldowney Whitney
          b. 12 MAR 1935
          m. 14 APR 1962, John H. Whitney (b. 22 APR 1935)
          res 1981, Upper Saddle River, NJ
          This, I believe, is the woman who her father Morris
               called Jane in at least one of his letters to JM3.
          In 1982, John represented the Avon Corporation in the
               Far East, Japan & Hong Kong
Jane, Philip, and John June 1999 at Upper Saddle River, NJJane with Philip and John
               Mark McEldowney Whitney
               Susan H. Whitney
     Ann Morris McEldowney Gallop
          b. 10 FEB 1940
          m. 3 OCT 1961, Richard Gallop (b. 15 NOV 1938)
          res 1981, Briarcliff Manor, NY
               Jeffrey R. Gallop
                    b. 15 JUN 1962
               James R. "Jamey" Gallop
                    b. 17 JUL 1964
                    1981, at Holderness School

Did quite a bit of genealogical work on McEldowneys, which I have started
to incorporate as it is supplied by RM3.

Served 17 years as Chaplain in US Army, retired from Regular Service in
1959.  Three tours of duty in Europe and one in the Far Easr. 1944,
Chaplain with 134th Medical Regt near Ft.  Jackson, SC.  Went ashore at
Fox Red on Omaha Beach from an LCVP on 8 JUN 1944.

Wrote .

1981 address 16 Arch Street, Dover, NH  03820.McELDOWNEY-JM-GP-JRM                                  Last
              John Robert & Hazel Virginia Kringel McEldowney

grandson of John & Jane Morris McEldowney (McELDOWNEY-GGGP-JMSR)
son of Benjamin Wade Butler & Elizabeth Louise Clark McEldowney
half 1st cousin twice removed of Ann Aikins Wright Curran

John Robert McEldowney
     b. 26 OCT 1904
     m. 5 JUN 1928, Hazel Virginia Kringel 
     d. 26 DEC 1982, heart attack
     1922 grad, Kirkham, IA High School
     1927 grad, Simpson Conservatory of Music
     1937 MA, State University of Iowa

Hazel Virginia Kringel 
     8th child of ? (Don't have preceding pgs of )
     b.  15 APR 1907 
     m. 5 JUN 1928, John Robert McEldowney
     1924 grad, Atlantic High School
     1928 grad, Simpson College Conservatory of Music

John, Nancy Ann, Janet, and Phyllis Memorial service of Hazel, Williamsburg, Va. March 1997?
John, Nancy Ann, Janet, and Phyllis, Williamsburg, Va. 1997?
     Phyllis Jean McEldowney Varner
          b. 11 JUN 1929
          m. 21 JUL 1953, Charles R. Varner (b. 23 MAY 1922; 1940
               Montpelier [VT?]; 1950 AM, Northwestern Univ;
               prob. WWII vet)
          1947 grad. Central HS, Duluth, MN
          1951 BS, University of Minnesota-Duluth
          1952 Julliard School of Music
               Cynthia Ann Varner
                    b. 13 FEB 1954
                    1972 grad, Williamsburg, VA HS
                    1976 BS, Univ. of VA
               Kristine Louise Varner
                    b. 6 DEC 1955
                    1974 grad, Williamsburg, VA, HS
                    1978 BS, James Madison Univ.
               Sara Elizabeth Varner
                    b. 2 AUG 1957
                    1975 grad, Williamsburg, VA, HS
                    1979 BS, James Madison Univ.
               Charles Robert Varner
                    b. 27 JUL 1960
                    1979 grad., Williamsburg, VA, HS
               Katherine Cecelia Varner
                    b. 30 JUN 1965
     Janet Louise McEldowney Smith
          b. 25 JUL 1930
          1948 grad Central High School, Duluth, MN
          1952 BS, Univ of MN
          1952/53 Eastman School of Music
          m. 6 SEP 1952, James E. Smith (b. 13 NOV 1919; 1936
               grad DuBois PA HS; 1942 Eastman School of Music;
               d. 31 JUL 1976)
               Sharon Virginia Smith Josefowski
                    b. 1 JUN 1954
                    1972 grad West Chester, PA, HS;
                    1978 Millersville State College
                    m. 5 AUG 1978, Alan Josefowski (b. 28 MAY
                    1954;1972 grad Feasterville, PA, HS; 1979
                              Millersville State College)
               Stanley Frederick Smith
                    b. 2 APR 1956
                    m 18 AUG 1979, Wendy Hackett (b. 11 AUG 1961)
                    1974 grad West Chester, PA, HS
                    1976/77 Paul Smith College, NY
                         Melissa Ann Smith
                              b. 11 OCT 1980
               Sheldon Thomas Smith
                    b. 23 FEB 1959
                    1978 U.S. Navy
               Stella Laurie Smith
                    b. b. 15 OCT 1962
     John Robert McEldowney, Jr.
          b. 31 MAR 1932
          m. JUN 1958, Elli Cherin (b. 4 OCT 1936; 1954 grad Fort
               Worth [TX?] HS; 1954 Univ of MN; 1958 Eastman
               School of Music)
          1950 grad Central HS, Duluth, MN
          1954 Univ of MN
          1957 MA, Eastman School of Music
               David Robert McEldowney
                    b. 8 SEP 1959
                    1977 grad Palo Verde HS, Tucson, AZ
                    Pima College, Ticson, AZ
               Ann Marie McEldowney
                    b. 18 JUN 1961
                    1977 grad Palo Verde HS, Tucson, AZ
               Scott Charles McEldowny
                    b. 27 AUG 1964
     Nancy Ann McEldowney Page
          b. 26 MAY 1937
          m. 2 JUL 1960, John T. Page (b. 16 AUG 1937; 1955 grad
               Creighton HS, St. Paul, MN; 1958, Univ of MN; data
               processor U. S. Army)
          1955 grad Central HS, Duluth, MN
          1955/58, Univ of MN
               Mark Anthony Page
                    b. 25 JAN 1961
                    Woodbridge HS
                    1980, U. S. Navy
               Valerie Jeanne Page
                    b. 25 FEB 1962
               Laura Ann Page
                    b. 16 APR 1963
               Stephanie Elaine Page
                    b. 28 AUG 1964


What an incredibly musically-oriented family!  

1944, both were music instructors, Sigourney, Iowa, schools
1981, retired in Green Valley, AZ

Both concert level musicians.

Part of an newspaper article, 28 DEC 1982:
                  1 suicide, 2 deaths mar holiday season

          Robert McEldowney, 78, was transported to St. Mary's
     Hispital, where he was reported dead of an apparent heart
     attack, the police report stated.

Obit 30 DEC 1982:
                           J. Robert McEldowney
          J. Robert McEldowney, 78, of Green Valley died Dec. 26.
          He is survived by his wife, Hazel; theree daughters,
     Phyllis Varner of Williamsburg, Va.; Janet Smith of West
     Chester, Pa.; and Nancy Page of Woodbridge, Va; son, John
     McEldowney of Tucson; 16 grandchildren, four great-
     grandchildren, two brothers and one sister.
          McEldowney was an active member  of the Santa Rita
     Kiwanis Club, the Green Valley Community Church Choir and
     the Green Valley Chamber Music Society.
          Memorial services will be held Sunday, Jan. 2, at 4
     p.m. at the Community Church, Dr. Harold Frey officiating.
          Remembrances may be made to the Green Valley Community
     Church Foundation.
McELDOWNEY-JM-GP-JEM Last updated: 8/12/94

        Rev. James Edward & Ruth E. Calkins/Jeanne Nave

grandson of John & Jane Morris McEldowney (McELDOWNEY-GGGP-JMSR)
son of Benjamin Wade Butler & Elizabeth Louise Clark McEldowney
half 1st cousin twice removed of Ann Aikins Wright Curran

1933: James and Ruth wed

James Edward McEldowney
     b. 11 MAR 1907, Henry, SD
     m. 1933, Ruth E. Calkins 
     wid. MAR 1989
     rem. NOV 1990, Jeanne Nave 
Ruth E. Calkins 
     dau of Meth. minister
     b. 23 FEB 1908, Frontenrac, KN
     m. 1933, James Edward McEldowney
     d. 31 MAR 1989, Bradenton, FL, Alzheimer's

Jeanne Nave
     b. 28 JUN 1926, Webster, SD
     m. Robert Nave
     rem. 4 NOV 1990, James Edward McEldowney

Children of Ruth E. Calkins:
     Elizabeth Ann "Betty" McEldowney Conard
          b. 7 DEC 1937, Secundrabad, India
          m. 16 APR 1961, Richard T. Conard (b. 15 MAR 1938)
               Scott Edward Conard
                    b. 1 OCT 1961
                    1994, doctor in Dallas, TX
               Kimberly E. Conard
                    b. 25 FEB 1963
               Christina Marie Conard
                    b. 21 FEB 1970 - [d. 13 JAN 1997]
Philip 1941
     Philip Fredric McEldowney
          b. 24 FEB 1941, Nagpur, India
          m. 14 SEP 1963, Gweneth Diann Runyan (b. 22 JUN 1944)
          1994, Charlottesville, VA; occ: library, University of

Tim's Family at Ginny's Wedding 1996
Timothy, Kathy, Mark and Brian McEldowney
               Timothy R. McEldowney
                    b. 25 FEB 1964
                    m. Kathy Wolford
                    1994 res: Charlottesville, VA; occ:
                         Crutchfield  computer/electronics
                         catalog company
			Mark and Brian (twins) McEldowney
				b. 28 FEB 1990
               Julie J. McEldowney
                    b. 4 NOV 1968
                    1994 occ.: 1st year as high school French
                         teacher, apparently in Jefferson, Iowa
			Julie's WeddingJulie and Matt's wedding
                    m. 15 NOV 1997, Mathew Carlson, Jefferson, Iowa
     Barbara Joan McEldowney Bird
          b. 23 OCT 1943
          m. 17 JUN 1967, Daniel W. Bird, Jr. (b. 26 JAN 1940)
               Virginia E. Bird
               Daniel W. Bird, III
               James B. Bird


Methodist Missionary/Preacher

Has what I suspect is an almost unique distinction; three generations -
his grandfather, his father and he - virtually span four centuries.  His
grandfather, John McEldowney, was born in the 18th century; his father;
Benjamin Wade Butler McEldowney, the 19th century; and he, the 20th
century.  And at the rate he is going, it will be well into the 21st
century before he is gone.

Wrote , privately printed, 1993, the story of
his life.  Quotes from that book are distributed throughout these
writeups.  By the way, for anyone interested, you can obtain a copy from
him for $13.95 + $3.50 S&H by writing him directly at 7307 19th Ave.
N.W., Bradenton, FL, 34209. The autobiography is, of course, the best
discussion of his life.  The following article and sidebar, both written
by Alice Cronkhite, appeared 31 MAY 1994 in the  magazine
section of the Bradenton (FL) Herald and is intended as a very slight
overview of his life.

                         The Life of a Missionary

          At age 87, the Rev. James McEldowney chuckles at how
     "old" he felt in 1976.
          "I was amazed when the bank offered me a 30-year
     mortgage.  The way I felt right then, I didn't expect to
     live half that long.  I thought 69 was really old.
          "But as the years passed, I have grown young under the
     Florida sun, or it may be because I soon got involved."
          While McEldowney tuned up his French horn, his late
     wife, Ruth, set up housekeeping in the first home they
     owned.  They planted roses and became charter members in the
     Manatee Symphony Association.
          "We were very impressed with the West Coast Symphony
     Saturday program for area youth.  The MSA was formed to
     raise funds to train youth and encourage them to perform in
     public," McEldowney said.  He still ushers for their
     concerts at Manatee Community College.
          As chaplain at the Shores Retirement Community (for
     eight years), McEldowney became involved in a ministry to
     the aging.  "My most challenging talks were the weekly
     devotions for people in the Health Center.  Those messages
     had to be down-to-earth spiritual aids."
          Many are in his book, ,
     now in its second printing.
          "Often I felt I was not able to penetrate deeply into
     their lives.  At times the most I could do was leave a
     rose," McEldowney said.
          Beside a bouquet of roses on the coffee table was a
     mirror , framed with shells that McEldowney collected. 
     "Lining the inner border with tiny shells has become
     somewhat of a trademark.:
          McEldowney walks  2 miles each morning.  "Walking was
     just part of our lives growing up in the Midwest, and then
     serving as Methodist missionaries in India for 36 years," he

                                Time Apart
          Two of their children, Betty and Phillip, were born in
     India.  "I didn't get to be a traditional American Father,"
     McEldowney said..  Often the family was separated.  Barbara
     was born in the united States while McEldowney completed his
     doctoral studies.
          "When I was ready to return to India, it took three
     months of war-time travel, sometimes in convoy, under three
     submarine attacks, and periods in South Africa and Kenya
     before I reached Jabalpur,: McEldowney said.
          Ruth and the children remained in Shenandoah, Iowa, for
     nearly two years. "Though we were half a world apart, we
     were one in spirit and devotion.  Through the exchange of
     letters we continued to share our lives.", he said.
          Later when Ruth and the children were back in India,
     first Betty and then Phillip and Barbara attended boarding
     school (Woodstock School), 700 miles form Jabalpur in the
     foothills of the Himalaya Mountains.  There were times when
     each family member was writing letters from a different
          In addition to his many duties at Leonard Theological
     Seminary, McEldowney established an audio visual department.

     Biblical dramas (to be shown in villages, often using a
     generator for the projector and a sheet as the screen) were
     produced.  A growing AV team of students learned through
     hands-on filming of mission outreach (many denominations)
     and government films.
          The morning Ghandi's ashes arrived by train from Delhi,
     I was in the crowd and filmed the event," McEldowney said. 
     In the following years, the development of communication
     techniques spilled beyond India to three continents.  In
     1968, McEldowney became administrative director of the
     London office for World Christian Broadcasting.
          "By then all three children were married, and Betty
     (Conard) and her family had moved to Bradenton," McEldowney
     said.  From 1971 to 1976, he pastored in Virginia.
          "I have called 51 towns and cities home," McEldowney
          Ruth's death in 1989 triggered contemplation.  They had
     been   apart for many of their wedding anniversaries. 
     Rereading the family letters brought comfort and clarified
          "I was able to remember that first year at Boston
     University School of Theology, when I was ready to give up
     and go back to being a school principal.  I had gone to the
     chapel and my attention was drawn to the great painting of
     Christ above the altar. The words underneath the painting,
     'Even as my father has sent me, so I send you,' took on a
     personal meaning."
          Without Ruth, doubts about the quality of the
     children's developing years tried to fester.  "Our children
     had always spoken of their years in India in glowing terms,
     so accepting success as a father helped me face the future,"
     McEldowney said.
                                A New Life
          Today that future includes his wife Jeanne. A reunion
     of India missionaries brought them together. "She was a
     missionary in India for 27 years.
          Although we had not known each other well in India, we
     had many friends and experiences in common.  Jeanne was a
     great help editing ," McEldowney
          McEldowney, who also wrote , continues to write.
          McEldowney serves on the mission board of the First
     United Methodist Church and corresponds with many former
     students and Indian leaders.  He preaches annually at
     Westminster Asbury and the Manor, and conducts a weekly
     service at Just Like Home, an assisted-living facility. 
     Instead of basking under the Florida sun, McEldowney
     continues to get involved.

The sidebar:
                        McEldowney Shares Memories

          , by
     the Rev. James E. McEldowney, moves from the flatlands of
     the American Midwest to the majestic Himalayan Mountains. 
     McEldowney, the son of a preacher, was born in Henry, SD.
          "I am horrified when I remember how we would run along
     the river (the Missouri) as close to the water as we could,"
     McEldowney writes.  "The river was forever changing its
     banks.  Sometimes the bank of the river was mud that had
     been recently washed up and had begun to dry.  In places
     there were great cracks in it, and pieces would drop back
     into the river.
          Looking into the river, we saw whirlpools where
     branches would be sucked under, not to appear again.  There
     were many stories of animals and men who had just
     disappeared when they fell into the river.  Just to remember
     those capers gives me a shiver."
          From horse-and-buggy days to world conferences and
     ministry in three continents, the place and pace of
     McEldowney's  life has mirrored the changing Missouri River.

     A divine hand has averted disaster and directed his steps,
     whether they were to mud huts or palaces.
          James and Ruth McEldowney's ministry in India as
     Methodist missionaries (fro 1935 to 1967) surged on the
     swell of a new nation hungry for the fruits of democracy. 
     Readers can see and hear a mystical country and its gentle
     people through their eyes.  Letters written during periods
     of exasperation reflect the joys and struggles of a growing
     family,  Excellent photographs take us to the people and
     places around the world.
          The current of McEldowney's personal story carries us
     close to heartbreak, then lifts us beyond theological
     formula to a life that continues to grow and love and serve.

Computer oriented; wrote his entire book on a word processor . 
Has a COMPUSERVE address [See list of relatives].  For the
uninitiated, that means you can correspond with him by electronic
mail.  His son Phillip also has one. JEM has just purchased a new
computer specially built for him and is currently dealing with
the mysteries of Windows.

McELDOWNEY-JM-GP-JNM                                  Last
                         Jeanne ? Nave McEldowney

b. 28 JUN 1926, Webster, SD
m. Robert "Bob" Nave
rem. NOV 1990, James Edward McEldowney (McELDOWNEY-GP-JEM)

Son Philip, Dad James and his wife Jeanne: Summer 1994

Children of Robert Nave:
     4 children 

Children of James Edward McEldowney:


Webster, SD, Jeanne's birthplace is about 35 miles away from
Henry, SD, where JEM was born.

From JEM ltr. dtd 6/28/94:
     Jeanne [and Robert Nave] served in India for 27 years.  They
had four children and were particularly interested in the
economic life of the people.  They introduced ways to prepare soy
crops.  Soy is rich in protein which is in short supply because
Indians generally do not eat meat.  Now a considerable industry
has grown up using this product commercially.  They did much the
same to powder potatoes to make them available throughout the
year.  She is a registered nurse and had a career in Minneapolis
after her years in India.

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