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  • Children's Stories [James E. McEldowney]

    Birds - Summer 1996 Benji, Ginny, and Christa

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    James Curran's McEldowney Genealogy HTML OR ASCII Plain text

    Family Album

    Some old photos of the Calkins and McEldowney clans

    The Calkins Clan (1951) Claude Calkins and family
    McEldowneys 1913 James McEldowney 1913
  • McEldowney Phone numbers - U.S.A. (Jan.1996)

  • Communication Points (Electronic)

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    Miriam's son's home page

    or pic - Robert Schlegel 1995
    John and Elli McEldowney
    Click here fore John and Elli McEldowney

    Ruth's granddaughter's,
    Julie McEldowney's HTML home page

    or Her page in Iowa
    Ruth's son

    P. McEldowney's home page