Christy Conard: Tragic Loss
Bradenton Herald Sat. 25 Jan. 1997. Our Viewpoint
Tragic loss
Although her life was cut tragically short, Christy Conard died doing what ahe loved. After returning home from a long day of work at her own business, Christy Conard Stables, in Memphis Tenn., Christy sat down on her couch to rest. When her boyfriend found her the next day, he said it looked as if she had died peacefully, just as if she had gone to sleep.

An equestrian of the highest caliber, Christy had a special affinity for horses that helped her deal from early childhood with a life-threatening heart condition. Christy and her parents knew her medical problems could mean an early death, but the knowledge that would have paralyzed a less courageous person spurred Christy on, proving the doctors wrong with her amazing riding skill.

At age 26, she was well on her way to the Olympics, but then the end came unexpectedly last week.

May her parents, friends and loved ones take heart that hers was a charmed life in many ways.

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