James E. McEldowney's Writings
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Memories of childhoods: or The Sound of One Elephant Feather Croaking
Chicken Feathers Are For
South Dakota, 1911.
At 4 years old, I fell into a bucket of chicken feathers
Grandfathers The Story of My Father
Teacher Teacher My teaching years including lumber camp, Mt. Hood
Hyderabad Arriving in India, Betty is born
Kashmir, A Fairyland.
India, 1941
Going to Kashmir, houseboat
Palgham. Emersons and us at Palgham; Ruth and Betty in tent
Fort in India, 1938
Seeing the old fort where Kohinoor diamond was found
Tiger Hill. Summer at Darjeeling
Ruth's Rat. Rat in Ruth's bed
Bachelor Days. Stanley Thoburn and I and Bishop Pickett
My Birthday Elephant.
Jabalpur, 1947
Barbara's Third Birthday
Little Frogs and Baby
.India, 1948
Kings and I go to get Hawa Bagh bus; Philip pushes the bus
Jagdalpur. Our trip to Jagdalpur; I photograph wild animals
Mahatma Gandhi. My visit to see Gandhi
Dinosaur Bone. Stanley and I find a dinosaur bone
Lost. In London, 1949 Family in London, to Kew Gardens
Up the Rhine. Going to Heidelberg, Germany to see brother Morris and family
Snakes. My bout with cobras
Deosari. Four families spend a holiday at Deosari
Welcome Home. Making the "Prodigal" film
On tour in India. Betty and I go to a mela
Khana Kishli. The children ride on the car and also on the elephant
My Easter Sermon. I see masses of Christians celebrating Easter
Kashmir Again. Our trip to Kashmir with the Whites; you as Greek goddess
The School Party. Betty's last trip up from Jabalpur
My world in 1907. Things I have experienced since 1907

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