COMPONENT OF LIS 688B June 26, 1995. Emilie Mills, instructor. This assignment is due on July 12. Please limit your response/opinion to one page. Find a book in your library's general collection that you think needs a preservation decision. (It may not be a textbook). Give a full bibliographic description of the work (author, title, place of publication, publisher, date). Check the book to see if it is complete (does it have a title page, is the text complete, are all illustrations present, etc.?) and indicate what--if anything--is missing. Describe the condition of the book to the best of your ability in a sentence or two. (Is the text block loose in the binding, is the binding in poor shape, does the volume show signs of earlier water or mildew damage, does it appear to have been chewed on by a puppy, etc.?) Decide (IN THE CONTEXT OF YOUR INSTITUTION/LIBRARY): Should the original item be repaired/rebound and kept in the general collection? Should it be kept "as is" and sent to a locked area or to Special Collections (rare book room, treasure room?) Should it be discarded and not replaced? Why? Should it be replaced? Why? If so in what format? REMEMBER, THERE ARE FEW "WRONG" ANSWERS AND IN MOST CASES, MANY CORRECT ONES. A BALANCED UTILIZATION OF HEAD AND HEART SHOULD SEE YOU THROUGH. =======================================================================

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