Printing's Best Era

Assignment UNCG, July 17, 1995
Professor James Carmichael

LIS 688
Issues in Collection Mangement

"The book itself is the ornament."

". . . and with any luck, you read it."

                    --Nicholson Baker
     The history of the book and printing technology presents a
balance between the effort to present ideas (content) in a manner
suitable to their spirit (form and aesthetics).  At different
periods, printers, publishers and producers of books have been more
successful than others in marrying form and content.  What period
do you think represents the best realization of this ideal of "form
and functiion"?  In an essay of 1 - 1 1/2 pages, defend your
choice, remembering to give specifics where applicable.  (NB: There
is no "right" answer.)

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