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              Christian Web Review


This is your invitation to subscribe to a brand new newsletter: Christian
Web Review! 

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Christian Web Review will be published every other Tuesday, beginning
April 23, 1996. 

In addition to website reviews, there will be websites announce- ments,
both for new sites, and upgraded sites.  And, there will be information on
mailing lists of interest to Christians. 

We will offer tips on surfing the web, building and publicizing websites,
USENETs, chat rooms and messages boards, and MORE! 

There will be features for places for kids, entertaining Web sites,
homeschooling websites, places for teens, families, hobbies, Bible
studies, prayer groups and inspiration. 


To subscribe, send your request to:
To: hub@XC.Org
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If you participate in a USENET, forum, chat room, BBS, mailing list, or in
other groups where people are seeking to learn more about the good things
available on the Web, will you please post this notice?  If you have a
website, perhaps you could put a link to Christian Web Review's homepage:

Thanks, and God bless you.

If this is a duplicate message, please forgive me.  We will not be
e-mailing to you again after today, unless you care to write me personally
or subscribe to Christian Web Review. 

Brother Dan, editor, Christian Web Review
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