'Net Gazette, Issue #4, for Jan. 24th, 1996


         \      \   /    .               W E B   S I T E S
    .     \     /  /    .
     \    /    /   \   /                  F O R   Y O U R
  # ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ \ o0,
  V##8883331111111**********110OOOo   C O F F E E   B R E A K
  V##88833111111****====***110  0OO
   V##888331111****==-==**110    0O     We've spent hours and
     V##88833111***==-==*110.000'      hours browsing the web,
        V###888331**==*10               so you can get to the
                                          good stuff fast.

  Here are some web sites for your enjoyment :

  The F.B.I.'s 10 Most Wanted List


  Your phone calls can be toll free calls with the Toll Free
    Phone Calls Directory.  You can browse by category, or
    search by partial matches


  Now you can easily job hunt all over North America while at
    home (or work!)  (Just have your "boss key" ready just in
    case you know who shows up.)  Over 200 links to online
    databases of jobs for recent college grads, jobs at the
    hottest firms, jobs in Oregon, jobs at ski resorts,
    jobs in sunny Arizona, and more.


  Visit Mars, the Orion Nebula, the comet hitting Jupiter, &
    NGC4261 from the comfort of your computer.  Hubble
    Telescope photos are slow to view but worth the wait.


  What type of personality do you have?  Are you an ESFP?
    An ISFJ?  Find out immediately with this quick online
    personality test at


  Need a zip code for Issaquah?  A good synonym?  An
    area code for Kona Hawaii?  Try


               Hint -+- Hint -+- Hint -+- Hint

       Why not cut and paste these web sites to your browser,
   and share them with your friends, family, and colleagues?
   They'll enjoy your personal picks as much as you do.


  NASA'S best images of the planets of our solar system,
    and the spacecraft that surveyed them


  The C.I.A.'s Worldfactbook for 1995


  Lower back pain?   Do you know how to avoid ulcers?
    Angina attacks?  You can form your own second opinion
    with the help of the N.I.H.  There you can read the
    same clinical guidelines that some health workers read.

          highlight AHCPR Selected Guidelines, and
            then click on the Submit button
          once you've chose a green guideline category,
            you can browse through the Table of Contents

            Hint -+- Hint -+- Hint -+- Hint

     Vandals impersonate system administrators and
  try to convince you by e-mail to change your password
  to one that the hacker knows.  Once your account
  is established, only you should choose your password.


  Declassified spy satellite photographs.  View a Soviet
    military airfield on the Chukchi Sea.  Spy on the Soviet
    strategic bomber base in Kazakhstan :


  You don't have to write to Pueblo, Colorado for free
    advice anymore.  The C.I.C. now offers hundreds of
    brochures for your immediate use
     Food : The new food labels and the low sodium diet;
          Food allergies
     Money : New uses for your ATM card;  Protect yourself
          against illegal offers
     Health : Decoding cosmetic labels and the safety of
          cosmetic ingredients; how to choose a nursing home
          for your relative; handling stress; and alternative
          medical treatments


  Hourly updated satellite images of your region are just
    a www away.  The images are slow to view but worth the
    wait.  The infrared images are really good.


  You can find surface weather maps there also :


  Did you know that lemon-lime soda is a good preservative
    for cut flowers?  That you should use  beer  to prevent
    slugs?  That grubs actually prefer good looking yards?
    Are african violets or primroses non-toxic or
    non-poisonous?  For these and other curious answers


  The U.S. Government Federal Budget Crises



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