Cybertricks : 10 Cool things

Cybertricks : 10 Cool things you can do with your computer - Ted. C. Fishman.
Fishman's list from Playboy - June 1996
  1. Get published
    HTML, Web page language
    Lotus' Word Pro '96
    Claris Works
    Adobe's Pagemill and Sitemill
    Web-authoring software from America Online, Prodigy, Compuserve(Home Page Wizard),
    Painter from Fractal Design ($549).
  2. Get smart - electronic distance learning
    Humanites courses for a Master of Arts degree from California State University
    University classes U. of Mass. at Darmouth
    Beware dubious diploma mills.
  3. Get informed - radio & newspaper
    Real Audio Radio-on-demand, including NPR
    Personal Journal from Dow Jones Choose your stories
  4. Get in touch - free calls?!
    $70 software such as Internet Phone, Digiphone, and Web Talk
    Free World Dialup
  5. Get excited - adult entertainment
    Virtual Dreams
    Adult Playground
    Playboy's Home Page
    Cyberdating Service
  6. Get rich - finances
    Quicken Financial Network
  7. Get rolling
    Caribbean Casino
    Virtual Vegas
    Rolling Good Times
  8. Get cutting - videos
    Video Director Suite 2.5 ($200) with Snappy Video Snapshot
  9. Get even - games
    Doom and Descent
    EF 2000 (latest military weapons)
    Descent 2, Into the Void, Mortal Kombat 3, and Quake
  10. Get points - sports
    Sportszone ESPN
    Sports Line U.S.A.Game Cruiser Imagination Network's Cyber Park - coming to the "Web in the next few months"
    Microsoft Golf 2.0 ($45)

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