CyberSurfing and other links, mostly during June 1996

Mostly from the Washington Post

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Privacy --(From article by John Schwartz Monday, June 24 1996)
The Center for Democracy and Technology's privacy demonstration site
"The Anonymizer," a web site that strips away your personal information when you pass through, leaving no personal trace on subsequently-visited pages.

Free Stuff (Toll Booths on the Internet? from article by Margot Williams, 17 June 1996)
FREEway is a guide to free stuff on the Internet

Thurs 27 June 1996

National Geographic
National Geographic If you get a message saying that the address could not be found, try

Certifiably Inane

The Michigan Daily Online

Thurs June 20 1996


The Rockford Files
Site One
Site Two

Thurs. 13 June 1996

Decency Act can be found here
Voters Telecommunications Watch
the Electronic Frontier Foundation
the American Civil Liberties Union and others

Sites which had no mention of the ruling
Nor did Penthouse
Silent wre CDA backers such as the Christian Coalition
Had nothing to say the Official federal courts site
nor Department of Justice site

The Long Hair Site.

"Our Bodies Ourselves"

Thurs. 6 June 1996

Vampyres Only

Animal ? sites
Flying Pig Awards page

Thurs 23 May 1996

Museum of Modem Art
The Picasso Web site

Apogee Heritage Archives (African American ancestry)

Webbed Wedded Bliss

Thurs. 16 May 1996

Absolut (Kevin) Kelly If it prompts you for a password, the User Name is absolut and the Password is 0x6b6576. That first character is a zero.

1) Outside Online Everest coverage [Or not, I was not able to find the Everest news on 30 June 1996]
2) NBC's reports from the base camp

Israeli Politics or Election--
Shimon Peres
Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Yisrael Ba'aliya

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