Halloween Collectibles
Halloween 1998
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Halloween 1998
Literary Gothic page, http://www.siue.edu/~jvoller/gothic.html
Koinonia House, http://www.khouse.org/halloween.html
History of Halloween, http://www.angelfire.com/nd/trickortreat/
Chick Publications, http://www.chick.com/seasonal/halloween/celebrate.asp
Jewish Family site, http://www.jewishfamily.com/Holidays/halloween96.htm
Parentsroom Polls, http://gwabbs.com/~delila/f_plhall.htm
Propaganda for the Paranoid, http://fastlane.net/~sandman/halloween/oct31b.html
Ghost picture-taking workshops. http://www.ghostweb.com/workshop.html
Skeptics and Doubters
Skeptics Societyat http://www.skeptic.com
the James Randi Educational Foundation,
the Sagan Society at http://www.uga.edu/~dogsbody
New York Area Skeptics at http://www.liii.com/~nyask/
and the Skeptics Club at http://www.clubs.psu.edu/skeptics
(Barefoot society) Dirty Soles

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