Gord Kirchin aka Piledriver

I was looking for a web page for album titled Piledriver, which included songs sung by various Wrestlers in 1987, but the following looks interesting. Check out Gord Kirchin aka Piledriver.
Date: Fri, 30 Aug 1996 22:13:41 -0700
From: Gord Kirchin
Organization: DogBite Records/Dogs With Jobs/Piledriver
To: philipmc@virginia.edu
Subject: Piledriver Home Page
X-URL: http://poe.acc.virginia.edu/~pm9k/

Hiya Phillip!
LOVE your site!!!
I have an update for you, as PILEDRIVER now has an official home on the web now at ( www.aracnet.net/~gkirchin)!!!
I appreciate your having a mention in your site, and would be elated if you could find the time to correct the link on your music page.
Thanks a Bazillion!
Gored Dog Kirchin
(Formerly incarnated as the one and only Piledriver)

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