Montana Young: Fiddling Up a Storm
(vfh: Virginia Foundation for the Humanities. VFHCR102, 2005) Part of the Crooked Road Series
One of my choice music

Track Listing
1. Bluegrass in the backwoods (2:18)
2. Blackberry blossom (2:14)
3. Mississippi sawyer (2:14)
4. Lover's waltz (3:34)
5. Back up and push (2:22)
6. Gold watch and chain (3:19)
7. Say old man (can you play the fiddle?) (2:31)
8. Florida blues (3:09)
9. Polecat blues (2:26)
10. St. Anne reel (2:33)
11. Chicken reel (2:28)
12. Cherokee shuffle (1:57)
13. Sweet hour of prayer (2:02)
14. Liberty (2:54)
Young: Fiddling up a storm

From southwest Virginia, Montana Young is a 12-year old fiddler (in 2005) who is likely just a year or two away from being a really top-notch musician. As it is, Ms. Young is quite capable, and turns in a very respectable job on 14 standard tunes. There are some spots where she is slightly off key or attempting a bit more than she can handle smoothly, but that is to be expected. She gets some nice support from noted guitarist Wayne Henderson, who takes neat solos on several cuts. Also present on a few tracks is the fine fiddler Buddy Pendleton, from whom little has been heard in the way of recorded work in many years.

Joined by special guests: Wayne Henderson, Buddy Pendleton, Scott Fore, Dave Neal, Stan Spencer and the Whitetop Mountain Girls.

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One of my choice music

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