Flat Rock Ballads - Carl Sandburg

A Horse Named Bill

Oh, I had a horse, and his name was Bill,
and when he ran, he could'nt stand still
He ran away, one day, and also, I ran with him

He ran so fast, he could not stop
He ran into a barber shop, And fell exhaustize
with his eye-teeth, in the barber's left shoulder

Oh, I had a gal, and her name was Daisy
And when she sang, the cat went crazy
with deleriums, St. Vitis's, and all kinds of cataleptics

One day she sang, a song about
a man who turned himself, inside out,
and jumped ... into the river, he was so very (yawn) sleepy

I'm going out, in the woods next year
and shoot for beer, and not for deer
I am. . . I ain't ... I'm a great sharp shootress

At shooting birds, I am a bute
There is no bird, I can not shoot
In the eye, in the ear, in the teeth, (spoken) in the fenners

Oh, I went up in a balloon surveyed
the people on the earth, they loooked like a pig
like a mice, like a katydid, like fly-zes, like flea-zens

The balloon turned up, with its bottom side higher
It fell on the wife, of a country squire, she made a noise
like a doghound, like a steamwhistle, and also like . . . (spoken) dynamite

Oh, what could you do in a case like that
Oh, what could you do but stamp on your hat
and your tooth-brush, and everything that's (spoken) helpless ... helpless

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