Summary of Bandit Queen (in Australia)

Date: Tue, 12 Sep 1995 23:28:13 -0400
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   Mercury Cinema
  At the Lions Arts Centre
  13 Morphett Street (Opposite Morpett Street Bridge)
  Phone: (08) 410 1934

Aug 6 & 13 : BANDIT QUEEN

Dir: Shekhar Kapur 1994
Bandit Queen is an exciting, action packed account of the life of Phoolan Devi and the events which lead her into The hands of the law. In 1983, India's most famous and most feared outlaw surrendered to the police. This outlaw stood accused of many counts of murder and kidnapping including the klling of 30 men in one raid, a raid that became infamous as The Behmai massacre: a massacre that brought down an entire government. This outlaw was Phoolan Devi , India's Bandit Queen. Phoolan Devi surrended with her gang in front of a cheering crowd of 10,000 and on her own terms negotiated with a police force that was unable to catch her.

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