REPLIES December 1996

Anderson, Dale | Downey, Joyce

From: li.chu@ALZA.COM
Date: Mon, 9 Dec 1996 17:13:47 -0800
Subject: 2 more message updates from class of 59 ...

I'd like to mail out the collated messages from all - sometime this month! ... 
hope I can receive a few more updates from y'all! .... Merry Christmas! ... Li
========Anderson, Dale K Anderson Finalyson=============


Fondest memories: steak roasts & ghost stories after dark; friendships at the College

To forget: almost getting kicked out!

Since Woodstock: high school Princeton, NJ; college 1 year Wooster, OH, 3 years Vassar College; then 8 years in NYC working (first as secretary) at East Asian Institute, Columbia U; got MA (Chines History) then became publications assistant; married Niall in 72 and moved to Edinburgh 1/73; 2 children both now away; mainly volunteer in Scotland-China Assoc.; American Women's Club of Edinburgh, Church school, local amenity groups.

Daughter Catriona (23) now married, in university half way to becoming a teacher but trying to figure out if she really want to; son Iain (19) studying biological sciences as Edinburgh U.

Unlikely to join reunion in 98, but one day is going on a Kodai Woodstock tour since she attended Kodai 53-54.

=============Downie, Joyce Downie Chapman==================

JOYCE DOWNIE CHAPMAN: (attended 51-55)

Fondest memories: friends, in musical `MS Pinafore', Sports Day, trying to keep homework dry on way to school.

To forget: `inspection' in boarding school, butterscotch pudding, `quarantine' when student had polio.

Since Woodstock: completed High School in Kankakee, IL; BMusic MacMurray College; taught music, English & Scripture at Chinese High School, Kowloon, Hong Kong & in Qualibet Singers for 3 years; immigrated to Australia in 67, married an Australian in Melbourne, taught primary & high school music; 3 children born in Brisbane, 2 years in Surabaya, Indonesia (in Choral Society & taught at International School; 7 more years in Melbourne (in cast of `Joseph', `Witness', in Katandar Singers; moved back to Brisbane in 91; involved in Sunday School, Uniting Church, helping multiple birth families, trying to keep up with correspondence.

Living with husband Peter near Brisbane; only 1 hour by air north of Sydney, in case anybody attends the 2000 Olympics there; reporting rains, finally after a 6 years drought; says hello.

Son John (27) Masters in chemical Engineering, married, lives in Melbourne, job hunting; Robert (Bob, 25) chef in Melbourne restaurant; Karen (25) in Milwaukee, WI, working in insurance company & enjoying being near her aunts.

Peter & Joyce are interested in reunion in 98 and would be prepared to spend 2 weeks assisting in musical activities, choral directing and gardening; Peter, MEngineering Science, civil engineer would help with building, construction work/planning/gardening/agriculture/lectures in applied science & engineering

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