YES, I want to join '59 classmates in Bristol this coming July!
Fill out name, form, and submit.
(OR - I cannot join you but would love to hear from the classmates.
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Note: you will be sent separate forms to complete for the main WOSA/NA reunion.

Fill in Name:

1. I will arrive: (Please select the appropriate day/time)

 2. I will need beds for persons. ($30 for doubles, $35 for singles)

 3. I will be alone but would like to share a doubles room, with a non-smoker;
if possible with (type in name)

 4. I will stay / cannot stay for the WOSA/NA reunion.

 5. I will stay for the parade on July 5th and would request a box luncheon

 6. I(we) will eat my(our) meals in the cafeteria ($20.33 per 3 meals) on
     June 30 Lunch, Dinner
    July 1 Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    July 2 Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

 7. I am mailing you a check for $50 as a deposit towards covering the costs.

 8. I am mailing photos of myself (then and now) and am attaching
some notes to share with the others .

  Please send mail to Li Chu, 10914 Northview Square, Cupertino, CA 95014, USA by April 1, 1999

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