V.25:No.3-4 March-April 1997 #286-287

"The Past and the Future of the Socialist Project," Prabhat Patnaik, p. 3-18.

"Rambling Thoughts," Mrinal Sen, p. 19-26.

"Dynamics of the Social Structure of Indian Rural Society," G.G. Kotovsky, p. 27-37.

"National Policy for Women in India 1996: A Critique," Saraswati Haider, p. 38-64.

Discussion: "Marx, Althusser and the Question of 'Power,' In Lieu of a Rejoinder," Aditya Nigam, p. 65-71

BOOK REVIEW. "The Politics of New Farmers' Movements," V. Anil Kumar. [Review of Ashutosh Varshney. Democracy, Development and the countryside: Urban-rural Struggles in India. Cambridge University Press, New York, 1995, pp. xi + 214.], p. 72-74.

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