V.29: No.No.9-10 Sept-Oct 2001 #340-341

"Decentralization and the People's Campaign in Kerala," P. K. Michael Tharakan & Vikas Rawal, p. 1

"Internation Conference on Democratic Decentralisation: A Synopsis," p. 7

"Campaign for Democratic Decentralisation in Kerala," T.M. Thomas Isaac, p. 8

"Alternative Paradigms of Economic Decentralisation," Prabhat Patnaik, p. 48

"When A Coalition of Conflicting Interests Decentralises: A Theoretical Critique of Decentralisation Politics in Kerala," Rajan Gurukkal, p. 60

"National Convention Against Communalisation of Education: A Report," Nalini Taneja, p. 77

Joya Chatterji's review titled "Manufacturing Consent" of Sanjoy Bhattacharya, Propaganda and Information in Eastern India 1939-45. A Necessary Weapon of War, Curzon Press, London, 2001, pp. xiv + 242, £45.00 HB

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