V.28: No. 3-4 March-April 2000 #322-323

"The Pre-text," Jasodhara Bagchi, p. 1

"Represention of Gender in Folk Paintings of Bengal," Ratnabali Chatterjee, p. 7

"The Sight/Site. of Woman in the Art of the Forties: Reality, Realism and Representation," Chilka Ghosh, p. 22

"Looking for Reality in Romance," Jayeeta Bagchi, p. 30

"Displaying the Modern Woman: Feminism in the Labyrinths of Media Culture," Ipshita Chanda, p. 40

"Just Switch Off! Television: Creating the "Modern" Woman," Nilanjana Gupta, p. 61

"Globalisation and Representations of Women in Indian Cinema," Sangeeta Datta, p. 71

"Hum Aapke Hain Koun...!; Pluralizing Pleasures of Viewership," Shohini Ghosh, p. 83


Changing Family Structure. Shakti Kak's review of Susan C. Seymour, Women, Family, and Child Care in India - A World in Transition, Cambridge University Press, 1999.

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