V.24:No. 11-12 November-December 1996 #282-283

"Globalization of Capital and the Theory of Imperialism," Prabhat Patnaik, p. 5-17.

"Government and Economic Development in South Korea, 1961-79," Sudip Chaudhuri, p. 18-35.

"Coercive corporatism: The State in Indonesian Capitalism," Jayati Ghosh, p. 36-49.

"Some Considerations on Rural Investment, Employment, and Consumption in the Post-Reform Period in China," Utsa Patnaik, p. 50-61.

"Growth Centres in South East Asia in the Era of Globalization," Sunanda Sen, p. 62-91.

"External Vulnerability and Industrial Policy in the Era of Globalization," C P Chandrasekhar, p. 92-110.

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