V.24:No.9-10 September-October 1996 #280-281

"The Tyranny of Labels," Romila Thapar, p. 3

"The Antinomies of Transnationalism," Prabhat Patnaik, p. 24

"Emergency Assessments," Vijay Prashad, p. 36

Review Article: "The Class Character of the 19th Century-Renaissancein India," E M S Namboodiripad, p. 69

Discussion: "On the Absence of 'Power' in Marxist Theory," Aunindyo Chakravarty, p. 77

Book Review: "Nationalist Movement in Bihar," Biswamoy Pati, p. 81.
(Review of Vinita Damodaran, Broken Promises: Popuar Protest, Indin Nationalism and the Congress Party in Bihar, 1935-1946, Oxford University Press, Delhi 1992, p. 398, Rs. 400.00)

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