V.24:No. 1-3 Jan-Mar. 1996 #272-74

"The Theory of Aryan Race and India: History and Politics," Romila Thapar, p. 3

"Unity in Diversity," M.S. Gore, p. 30

"New Economic Policy: Indian State and Bureaucracy," C.P. Bhambhri, p. 44

"Inside the Romanticist Episteme," Thomas Blom Hansen, p. 59

"The Evolution of the Perception of India: Akbar and Abu'l Fazl," M. Athar Ali, p. 80

"Discussion: Writing Indian History in the Marxist Mode in a Post -Soviet World," Amiya Kumar Bagchi, p. 89

"Ahistorical Political Economics," Reviewed by Tamas Krausz, reviewing Janos Kornoi's book, Socialist System: the political economy of communism (1992).

  • Book Review, p. 128. ** "Child Labour," Reviewed by Susan Ram, reviewing 2 books - The child and the state in India : child labor and education policy in comparative perspective, by Myron Weiner. Oxford University Press, pp. 211, Rs. 90
    Born to Work: Child Labour in India, by Neera Burra. Oxford University Press, pp. 285, Rs. 395.

  • Book Review, p. 134 ** "Studying Colonial Medicine," Reviewed by Shamsad Khan, reviewing - Public Health in British India: Anglo-Indian Preventive Medicine, 1859-1949, by Mark Harrison. Cambridge University Press, Foundation Books, 1994, pp. 324, Rs. 395.00

  • Book Review, p. 140 ** "'Conscientisation' of Women," reviewed by Suvira Jaiswal, reviewing - The making of womanhood : gender relations in the Mahabharata, by Shalini Shah. Manohar, Delhi, 1995, pp. xii + 183, Rs. 300.00

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