V.23:No.1-3 Jan.-March 1995 #260-262
"Kerala, The Emerging Perspective: Overview of the International Congress on Kerala Studies," TM Thomas Isaac / PK Michael Tharakan. p. 3

"The International Context and the Kerala Model," Prabhat Pathalk, p. 37

"Kerala's Development Experience: Random Comments about the Past and and Some Considerations for the Future," CT Kurien, p. 50

"The Kerala Model: Its Central Tendency and the Outlier," John Kurien, p. 70

"Social Functions of Religion in Pre-Capitalist Societies: The Case of Kerala," Genevieve Lemercinier / Francois Houtart, p. 91

"Notes on the Making of Feminine Identity in Contemporary Kerala Society," TK Ramachandran, p. 109

"Tagore and Nationalism," Ashis Nandy, The Illegetimacy of Nationalism, Oxford India Paperbacks, Delhi, 1994. Reviewer - Anita Prakash


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