V.24:No.7-8 July-August 1996 #278-279

"Europe and the Question of Modernity," Jasodhara Bagchi, p. 1

"Scientific Method as Social Praxis: Towards Resolving the Tension between Reason and Relativism," Sukumar Muralidharan, p. 14

"Racial-Singaporeans: Absence after the Hyphen," Beng-Huat Chua, p. 51

"Changes in the World Economy and the Perspectives of the Eastern European Left," Susan Zimmermann, p. 69


"Class and Nation-State: Roots of Indian Literature," E. M. S. Namboodiripad, p. 81

"The World of Prabhat Patnaik," Ashok Mitra, p. 90 (Review of What Happened to Imperialism and Other Essays, by Prabhat Patnaik, pp. 244, Tulika, Rs. 275)


"Moral Failings," Susan Ram, 96 (Review of In Retropspect: The Tragedy and Lessons of Vietnam, by Robert S. McNamara. Times Books, a division of Random House, hardback, pp. 414, special Indian price Rs. 672)

"Making Connections," Anandhi. S, p. 103 (Review of Prem Chowdhry, The Veiled Women: Shifting Gender Equations in Rural Haryana, 1880-1990, Oxford University Press, 1994, pp. 461 + xix, Rs. 475.00)

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