January 15, 1996


#254-55. V.22:No.7-8. July-August 1994

From: Philip McEldowney <pm9k@virginia.edu>

"Socialism: the Day After or the Day Yet to Be," Ashok Mitra, p. 3-17

"Globalising India: The Fantasy and the Reality," Amiya Kumar Bagchi, p. 18-27

"On Gender and Difference: Towards a Re-articulation," Seemanthini Niranjana, p. 28-41

"Contending Ideologies? The Mass Awakener's Union and the Congress in Mysore 1936-1942," Janaki Nair, p. 42-63

"State of Awareness among Haryana Women on the Question of Human Rights: Weakness of Empirical Framework," Sunita Pathania, p. 74-75

"Note: Akbar's Relations with Rajput Chiefs and Their Role in the Expansion of the Empire," S. Inayet, A. Zaidi, p. 76-82

"Review Article: Pathways through Method: An Essay in Review," Sasheej Hegde, p. 83-100

"Books Review: Stephen Hawking and Schrodinger's Cat," K.K. Theckedath, p. 101-110

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