V.24:No.4-6 April-June 1996 #275-277

"Marxism and Power," Aditya Nigam, p. 3

"Justice in the Jatakas," Kum Kum Roy, p. 23

"The Punjab Press and the Golden Temple Controversy (1905)," Amrit Kaur Basra, p. 41

"Medical Developments and Patient Unrest in the Leprosy Asylum, 1860-1940," Sanjiv Kakar, p. 62

"The Murder of Banamali: Collective Action, Popular Culture and Social History," Biswamoy Pati, p. 82

"Representation of Popular Culture in Premchand's Works," Jagdish Lal Dawar, p. 109

"Contours of Communalism: Religion, Caste and Identity in South East Punjab," Prem Chowdhry, p. 130

"The Political Pragmatism of the Communists in Telangana 1938-48," I. Thirumali, 164

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