V.23:No.4-6 April-June 1995 #263-265

"Gandhi and the National Movement," Irfan Habib, p.3

"The Social Thoughts and Conciousness of Bengali Muslims in the Colonial Period," Amlendu De, p. 16

"Paradox of Anti-Partition Agitation and Swadeshi Movement in Bengal (1905)," A.K. Biswas, p. 38

"Nationalism and Popular Consciousness: Bengal 1942," Suranjan Das, p. 58

"Indian Nationalism 1885-1905 An Overview," Pankaj Rag, p. 69

NOTE (Margit Koves, "Ferenc Feher (1933-1994), Reflections on a Member of the Lukacs School"), p. 98

BOOK REVIEW (Sushil Srivastava's Review Article of Christopher R. King, One Language, Two Scripts: The Hindi Movement Nineteenth Century North India, Oxford University Press, Bombay, 1994, pp. 232, Rs. 375.), p. 108

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