Index to Volume XXXIII

Agnihotri, Indu: Ecology, land use and colonisation: The canal colonies of Punjab (pp. 37-58)Arunima, G: Multiple meanings: Changing conception of matrilineal kinship in nineteenthand twentieth-century Malabar (pp. 283-308)

Deshpande, Anirudh: Hopes and disillusionment: Recruitment, demobilisation and the emergence of discontent in the Indian armed forces after the Second World War(pp. 175 207)

Gordon, Stewart: Robes of honour: A 'transactional kingly ceremony (pp. 225 42)

Guha, Sumit: Forest polities and agranan empires: The Khandesh Bhils, ca 1700-1850(pp. 13~53)

Guha, Supriya: The unwanted pregnancy in colonial Bengal (pp. 403-35)

Hatekar, Neeraj: Information and incentives: Pnagle s Ricardian experiment in the nineteenthcentury Deccan countryside (pp.437-53)

Jalal, Ayesha: Secularists, subaltcrns and the stigma of 'communalism': Partition histonographyrevisited (pp. 93-103)

Kaw, Mushtaq A.: Famines in Kashmir, 1586-1819: The policy of the Mughal and Afghanrulers (pp. 59 71)

Krishan, Shri: Crowd vigour and social identity: The Quit India Movement in western India(PP 459 79)

Mentz, Soren: English private trade on the Coromandel coast, 1660-1690: Diamonds and thecountry trade (pp. 155 73)

Pope, Andrew: Australian gold and the finance of India's exports during World War One: Acase study of imperial control and coordination (pp. 115-31)

Roy, Tirthankar: The role of the state in initiating development: A study of interwar Southand Southeast Asia (pp. 373 401)

Sharma, Mahesh: Marginalisation and appropriation: Jogis, Brahmins and Sidh shrines(Pp. 73 91)

Singh, Upinder: Sanchi: The history of the patronage of an ancient Buddhist temple(PP I-35)

Singha, Radhika: Making the domestic more domestic: Criminal law and the 'head of thehousehold', 1772-1843 (pp. 309-44)

Sivaramakrishnan, K.: British imperium and forested zones of anomaly in Bengal, 1767-1833(pp. 243 82)

Book Reviews

Ahmad. Qeyamuddin: The Wahhabi Movemenl in India (second revised edition), by Richard
M. Eaton (pp. 219 21)

Alavi, Seema: The Sepoys and the Company: Tradition and Transition in Northern India,/770 1830, by Michael H. Fisher (pp. 221-23)

Amin, Shahid: Event, Metaphor, Memory, Chauri Chaura 1922-1992, by Maiid Siddiqi(pp. 105-6)

Baviskar, Amita: In the Belly of the River: Tnbal Conflicts over Development in the NarmadaValley, by Nandini Sundar (pp. 345 47)

Chatterji, Joya: Bengal Divided: Hindu Communalism and Partition, 1932-1947, by IndivarKamtekar (pp. 347-49)

Chattopadhyaya. Bra jadul.~l: The Making of Early Medieva/ India, by Richard Eaton(pp. 106 8)

Dalmia, Vasudha and Heinrich von Stietencron, eds: Representing Hinduism: The Consirurtion of Re/igious Traditions and National Identitr. hy C.J. Fuller (pp. 4X l-X3)

Das Gupta. Ashin: Merchants of Maritime India 1500 1800: Sinnappa Arasaratnam: MaritimeIndia in the Seventeenth Century; Om Prakash: Precious Metak and C'~rr2r7u~r~ e: TheDutch East India Company in the Indian Ocean Trade; Sanjay Subrahmanyam, cd.,Money and the Market in India 1100 171X3; a review article by Laltshmi Subramaniam(pp. 2()9-18)

De Souza, Teotonio R., ea.: Discoveries, Missionary Expansion and Asian C'ultures, hySuguna Ramanathan (pp. 370 71)

Dwivedi, Sharada and Rabul Mehrotra: Bombay: The C'ities Within, hy Narayani Gupta (pp.483-X4)

Gracias, Fatima da Silva: Health and Hygiene in Colonial Bengal 1861-1912, by Joya Chatterji(pp. I()X 1 1 )

Irschick, Eugenc F.: Dialogue and History: Constructing South India, 1795-1895, by HarukaYanagisawa (pp. 349 51)

Joshi, Shashi: Struggle for Hegemony in India 1920 47: The Colonial State, the Left and theNahonal Movement, Vol. 1: 1920-34; Bhagwan Josh: Struggle for llegemony inIndia /42() 47: The Color~ial State, the Left and the National Movement, Vol. 2:/934 41; Shashi Joshi and Bhagwan Josh: Struggle for Hegemony in India IY2(3 47:('uH`~re, ('~'mrn`'nity and Power, Vol. 3, by Biswamoy Pati (pp. 351-53)

K.dhn Ri~`i: Bh`~hartesu~ar: From a Temple Town to a Capital ('ity, hy Narayani Gupta (pp.35.3 55)

Kcrr. I.m J.: B`~i/ding the Railways of the Raj 1850-190(3, by Dilip Simeon (pp. 355 57)

King. C'hri~n~phLr R.: One Language, Two Scripts: The-Hindi Movement in Nineteenth~ e /uury North India, by Vir Bharat Talwar (pp. 484 X6)

Komlos, .h~hn, cd.: The Biological Standard ~,f Living or' Three Continents, Further F.xplorationsi/l Anthropometrir History. by Ralph Shlomowitz (pp. 357-59)

Kulk.2rni, A.R.. M.A. Nayeem and T.R. de Souza, eds: Mediae al Deccan History: Comrnemoration Vol''me in H<'nour of P. M. Joshi. hy Sumit Guha (p. 4X6)

Kuran, 'I'imur: Pn~'ate Truths, Public Lies: 'Ihe Social Consequences of Preterence Falsipcation,hy Bhaskar Dutta (pp. 4X6 87)

Ludden, David. cd.: Agricultural Production and Indian History, hy Mahesh Rangarajan (pp.359-6())

Mctc.dl', Thomas R.: The New Camhridge History of India 111, 4, Ideologies of the Raj, byMeena Radhakrishna (pp. 360-62)

Mukherjcc. Arun: C'nme and l'ublic Disorder in Colonial Benga/ 1861-1912. by Joya Chatterji(pp. 111-12)

Murshid, Tazecn M.: The Sacred and the Secular: Bengal Muslim Discourses, 1871-/977, byGopal Krishna (pp. 363 65)

Naidu, B.N.: /ntellectual History of Co,'onial India, Mysore 1831-1920, by Dharma Kumar(pp. 4X7-XX)

Peers. Douglas M.: lletween Mars and Mammon, Colonial Armies and the Garrison State inIr2dia, 1814-1835, hy Kaushik Roy (pp. 488-90)

Richards, John F.: Power, Administration and Finance in Mughal India, by Chetan Singh (pp.365 6X)

Robb. Pcter. cd.: The ('or2cept of Race in South Asia, by Andre Beteille (pp. 36X-70)

Robertson. Brucc Carlisle: Raja Ram Mohan Roy, The Father of Modern India, by AmiyaP. Sen (pp. 49~1 '32)

Russell, Ralph: Hidden ir' the Lane: An Anthology of Two Centuries of Urdu Literature, byMushirul Hasan (pp. 223 24)

Thimmaiah, G.: Power Politics and Social Justice: Backward Castes in Karnataka, by DharmaKumar (p. 113)