The Indian Economic and
Social History Review
, 1995

Index to Volume XXXIII - 1996

Articles & Book reviews


Agnihotri, Indu: Ecology, land use and colonisation: The canal colonies of Punjab (pp. 37-58)
Arunima, G: Multiple meanings: Changing conception of matrilineal kinship in nineteenth and twentieth-century Malabar (pp. 283-308)
Deshpande, Anirudh: Hopes and disillusionment: Recruitment, demobilisation and the emergence of discontent in the Indian armed forces after the Second World War(pp. 175-207)
Gordon, Stewart: Robes of honour: A 'transactional kingly ceremony (pp. 225-42)
Guha, Sumit: Forest polities and agrarian empires: The Khandesh Bhils, ca 1700-1850(pp. 133-53)
Guha, Supriya: The unwanted pregnancy in colonial Bengal (pp. 403-35)
Hatekar, Neeraj: Information and incentives: Priagle's Ricardian experiment in the nineteenth century Deccan countryside (pp.437-53)
Jalal, Ayesha: Secularists, subalterns and the stigma of 'communalism': Partition histonography revisited (pp. 93-103)
Kaw, Mushtaq A.: Famines in Kashmir, 1586-1819: The policy of the Mughal and Afghan rulers (pp. 59-71)
Krishan, Shri: Crowd vigour and social identity: The Quit India Movement in western India(PP 459-79)
Mentz, Soren: English private trade on the Coromandel coast, 1660-1690: Diamonds and the country trade (pp. 155-73)
Pope, Andrew: Australian gold and the finance of India's exports during World War One: A case study of imperial control and coordination (pp. 115-31)
Roy, Tirthankar: The role of the state in initiating development: A study of interwar South and Southeast Asia (pp. 373-401)
Sharma, Mahesh: Marginalisation and appropriation: Jogis, Brahmins and Sidh shrines(pp. 73-91)
Singh, Upinder: Sanchi: The history of the patronage of an ancient Buddhist temple(pp. I-35)
Singha, Radhika: Making the domestic more domestic: Criminal law and the 'head of the household', 1772-1843 (pp. 309-44)
Sivaramakrishnan, K;: British imperium and forested zones of anomaly in Bengal, 1767-1833(pp. 243 82)


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