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=================================================================== 970831 -------------------------------------------------------------------- Wasim declines to defend anti-terrorism law -------------------------------------------------------------------- Shaheen Sehbai WASHINGTON, Aug 30: Senate Chairman Wasim Sajjad, an astute legal expert himself, on Friday declined to defend the controversial laws introduced by the Nawaz Sharif government. Mr. Sajjad, who is in US for the last 15 days to speak on 50th anniversary functions, was asked searching questions by Pakistanis living in the Washington area at a get-together arranged by the Pakistan Ambassador at the Embassy. "I welcome the Chairman as we were class mates in Lahore," Mr. Riaz Khokhar introduced him. After a brief "bird's eye view" of the situation in Pakistan in which Mr. Sajjad dealt with the economic and political situation and how the Nawaz Sharif government was tackling it, the floor was opened for questions. When asked about the controversial anti-terrorism bill, the Senate Chairman presented "both the viewpoints" before the audience, starting with the criticism that it gave sweeping powers to a police which "does not have a good reputation." He said the law had made confessions obtained by the police admissible in courts and that had generated a lot of criticism. The government, he said, was arguing that it was not dealing with a normal situation and so "for an abnormal situation, extra powers were needed." Asked whether as a lawyer and legal expert did he believe that seven days were enough to investigate a heinous crime and convict a person in a court and would not the police use the seven days just to "extract" confessions even from innocent people, Wasim Sajjad said: "You are an intelligent person. You can draw your own conclusions." DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS* 970902 -------------------------------------------------------------------- SC Bar challenges judges' downsizing -------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Correspondent ISLAMABAD, Sept 1: The Supreme Court on Monday received a writ petition challenging the federal government's decision of reducing the strength of judges of the apex court through an executive order. The Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) in its writ petition under Article 184(3), through its secretary Shamim Ahmed Bokhary prayed the apex court to declare the government's decision as "unconstitutional, arbitrary, whimsical and malafide." The SCBA also prayed the court to direct the government through secretary law, justice and parliamentary affairs to fix the number of judges after consulting the Chief Justice of Pakistan, and chief justice of the concerned high courts. The petitioner association which made "Pakistan" as respondent stated that order of the president to reduce the number of judges in the apex court was violative of the judicial independence which was guaranteed inter alia under Article 2 A of 1973 Constitution. It submitted that the executive had caused a blow to the independence of judiciary which amounted to the denial of fundamental right of getting justice to the citizens. The SCBA stated that order of urtailing the number of judges of Supreme Court was contrary to the aspiration and rights of the people of Pakistan. DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS* 970902 -------------------------------------------------------------------- NA withdraws president, PM privileges -------------------------------------------------------------------- Bureau Report ISLAMABAD, Sept 1: National Assembly on Monday passed three amendment bills withdrawing a privilege of the President and the Prime Minister to import a duty free car and their entitlement of income-tax free salary. The opposition Pakistan People's Party which did not oppose the bills termed these as 'symbolic gestures' of the government just to pretend austerity and called for more amendments to withdraw other privileges available to the president and prime minister. "It is hypocrisy" said Naveed Qamar who had proposed several other amendments in the same laws for withdrawing the privilege of the president and the prime minister to import items of personal use including food stuff and article of furnishing their residences. He pointed out that even the close relatives of the president and the prime minister were entitled to import the items of personal use. He said there was no limit on it. Instead of just pretending they should adopt real austerity measures, he said. "Prime minister still goes to Lahore twice a day on a chopper," he said. "Prime minister still travels in large entourage with cavalcade of officials limousines," he said reminding the treasury benches their claims to do away with the VIP culture. Waja Karim Dad of the PPP said that the members had been stripped off their privilege to use the VIP lounges at the airports while other officials were still enjoying all the perks. He claimed that one day expenditure of the prime minister house was Rs. 3.5 million. DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS* 970903 -------------------------------------------------------------------- Poverty Alleviation Fund Co registered -------------------------------------------------------------------- Muhammad Ilyas ISLAMABAD, Sept 2: The Planning Commission has got registered the Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund Company (PPAFC) as a private limited company under Sec 42 of the Companies Ordinance, 1984, to tackle the problem through the provision of microcredit to the poor, an official source told Dawn Tuesday. It will be a non-profit organization with a board of directors at its apex and comprising three nominees of the Government and nine members from the private sector. For the present, the deputy chairman of the Commission, Dr Hafiz A. Pasha is chairman of BoD. Other two officials are the Finance Secretary, Moin Afzal and Secretary, Economic Affairs Division, Javed Burki. Nine non-official members of the BoD are well-known leaders of NGO movement, namely: M/S Abdul Sattar Edhi, Dr Ayesha Ghous, Dr Mohammad Tehseen, Dr Zulfikar Jilani, Zubaida Jalal, Suleman Sheikh and Humayun Murad. The immediate bases of the project are Prime Minister's announcements and Finance Minister's budget speech in which the Government pledged to stem the tide of poverty through various measures including, inter alia, the establishment of village and district support organizations and provision of micro credit for the poor, promotion of collective savings etc. He had admitted in his budget speech that the percentage of those under the poverty line had increased in the last ten years from 20 to 25%. The idea for PPAFC is basically derived from the Grameen Bank of Bangladesh which has successfully helped reduce population growth rate by providing microcredit and establish microenterprises in that country. But the main difference here is that Bangladesh is free of the feudal yoke, while Pakistan still groans under it, observed a veteran development economist who did not want to be identified. DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS* 970903 -------------------------------------------------------------------- Foreign scholarships being slashed -------------------------------------------------------------------- Mohammad Ilyas ISLAMABAD, Sept 2: The Federal Government has decided to slash the Merit Scholarship Scheme and to provide funds only for 47 people who are already studying abroad, according to an official source. The eighth five-year plan had set aside Rs 1.4 billion for scholarships, out of which an expenditure of Rs 700 million was meant for the Federal scholarship scheme. Even in the Annual Development Plan, an expenditure of Rs 20 million was envisaged. According to a revised plan to be considered by the Central Development Working Party (CDWP), however, the provision has been reduced to a mere Rs 2.3 million to be consumed over the period 1995-99, i.e. for the duration of the training course of the individuals already studying abroad. The objective of the scheme was to make Pakistan self-sufficient in terms of highly qualified professionals with a view to reducing dependence on foreign experts. A total of 308 people benefited from the scheme. Out of these, 164 scholars completed Ph.D, and 40 others did M.Sc. Twelve of the beneficiaries failed to acquire any degree at all. Out of those who completed their course, 14 did not return to Pakistan at all. DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS* 970805 -------------------------------------------------------------------- Software engineers aboard to be lured back -------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Correspondent ISLAMABAD, Sept 4: The federal government is planning to launch an ambitious programme to offer employment to the Pakistani software engineers working abroad. Source said the Information Technology Commission would announce the programme toward the end of this month. Talking to Dawn, the ITC Chairman, former Senator, Syed Mazhar Ali said the commission intends to revamp the country's information technology-related institutions which are presently producing 4000-5000 software engineers, a year. "In India, they produce more than 50,000 such experts every year, and if we produce them at the present rate, Pakistan would be tragically deficient in the fields of database development, education and marketing etc", he said. For this purpose, he added, the relevant institutions presently doing the systems analyses and other works, would be upgraded to the required level, with the help of Pakistani software engineers working abroad, to enable them to be capable of producing better and more exportable software producers. "These Pakistanis abroad need to be offered better salaries to attract them homeward, and the government is already working on a programme to acquire means and resources to allocate the required funds for this purpose". DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS*DWS* 970805 -------------------------------------------------------------------- Presidents, PMs & others imported 48 duty-free cars -------------------------------------------------------------------- Bureau Report ISLAMABAD, Sept 4: Presidents, prime ministers, governors, chief ministers and chiefs of armed forces imported 48 duty free cars since 1985, the National Assembly was informed on Wednesday. A list of the cars was presented in the House in reply to a question along with the value of the vehicles and duty and taxes exempted, showing that the exempted amount stood at Rs23,76,35,546. According to the details, three cars were imported by presidents, four by prime ministers, 22 by governors and acting governors, four by chief ministers and 15 by chiefs of armed forces. The list shows that opposition leader Benazir Bhutto happens to be the only prime minister who imported duty free car twice. Her party leader C