Bond and Patnaik

From Telegraph, p. 11, 27Nv99

Ruskin Bond

A launch with a difference

In another part of Delhi, 65-year-old Ruskin Bond quietly released his book Season of Ghosts. This gentle writer of stories for children -- and he says they are much harder to write for than adults -- accepts that rnarketing has become a necessary tool for writers today. Very media-shy Bond does not believe in glitzy launch parties. Instead he says that when he first began writing, "we never knew what the author looked like.." Are the Arudhati Roys of the world listening?

From Telegraph, Graphiti p. 7, 2Jan2000

Naveen Patnaik

Despite being a late entrant in politics -- the first half of his life was devoted to writing books, socialising and Jackie Kennedy, though not necessily in that order -- Naveen has proved that blood is thicker than pink champagne. An unlikely heir to his father Biju Patnaik's political legacy, Pappu -- as he is known to friends -- has taken to politics like the proverbial duck to water. And even though he is routmely plagued by dissidence within his own party, his hold over Orissa seems to be supreme (so what if he can't speak more than a sentence in Oriya?) If this holds up, he is widely tipped to be a powerful regional sartrap in years to come.

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