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This is a list as of January 2006 (from 1994 to 2006)

2005. Post box no. 99 and other stories. Ruskin Bond.
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2004. Dun ka sabzah. Ruskin Bond and Ziyaurrahman Siddiqi.
2004. A face in the dark and other hauntings : collected stories of the supernatural. Ruskin Bond.
2004. The India I love. Ruskin Bond.
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2004. Rusty comes here. Ruskin Bond.
2004. Rusty goes to London. Ruskin Bond and Kallol Majumder.
2004. Someone somewhere at 23:13. Ruskin Bond.
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2003. Rusty runs away. Ruskin Bond.
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2002. A flight of pigeons. Ruskin Bond.
2002. Ghost stories from the Raj. Ruskin Bond.
2002. A golf story : celebrating 125 years of the Bangalore Golf Club. Ruskin Bond and Clare Arni.
2002. Landour days : a writer's journal. Ruskin Bond.
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2001. Haju amaram vrksho deharamam uge che. Ruskin Bond.
2001. The Landour cookbook : over hundred years of hillside cooking. Ruskin Bond and Ganesh Saili.
2001. Payara urala. Ruskin Bond.
2001. When darkness falls and other stories. Ruskin Bond.
2000s. Junoon. Shashi Kapoor, Shyam Benegal and Shabana Azmi, et al.
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1994. Tiger roars, eagle soars. Ruskin Bond.
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Some works of Ruskin Bond, as of January 1996, at the University of
Virginia.  Ruskin Bond is a famous, life-long resident of the Mussoorie /
Landour, well-known for his poetry, fiction, and weekly columns in
leading Indian newspapers.

      DATE TITLE:  AUTHOR:     
   1 1994 Delhi is not far : the best of Ruskin Bond Bond, Ruskin UL (University Library) 
   2 1994 Quakes and flames Bond, Ruskin UL 
   3 1992 An island of trees : nature stories and po Bond, Ruskin UL 
   4 1992 Mussoorie and Landour : days of wine and roses Bond, Ruskin UL 
   5 1991 Snake trouble Bond, Ruskin UL 
   6 1989 Time stops at Shamli and other stories Bond, Ruskin UL 
   7 1988 Beautiful Garhwal : heaven in Himalayas Bond, Ruskin UL 
   8 1988 The night train at Deoli and other stories Bond, Ruskin UL 
   9 1986 The adventures of Rusty Bond, Ruskin UL 
  10 1985 To live in magic : a book of nature poems Bond, Ruskin UL 
  11 1980 A flight of pigeons Bond, Ruskin UL 
  12 1977 A girl from Copenhagen Bond, Ruskin UL 
  13 1975 Lone fox dancing : lyric poems Bond, Ruskin UL 
  14 1975 Love is a sad song Bond, Ruskin UL 
  15 1972 An axe for the rani Bond, Ruskin  UL
  16 1972 It isn't time that's passing; poems, 1970 Bond, Ruskin  UL
  17 1969 Strange men, strange places Bond, Ruskin  UL
  18 1968 My first love and other stories Bond, Ruskin  UL
  19 1967 The neighbour's wife and other stories Bond, Ruskin  UL
  20 1957 The room on the roof Bond, Ruskin  UL

        AUTHOR   Bond, Ruskin.                                      
         TITLE   Delhi is not far : the best of Ruskin Bond.        
     PUBLISHED   New Delhi, India ; New York, N.Y., USA : Penguin Bo
   DESCRIPTION   xiv, 428 p. ; 21 cm.                               
          ISBN   0140246061                                         

        AUTHOR Bond, Ruskin.       
                 Saili, Ganesh.       
         TITLE Mussoorie and Landour : days of wine and roses / Ruskin
		Bond,  Ganesh Saili.       
   OTHER TITLE Mussoorie & Landour.       
     PUBLISHED New Delhi : Lustre Press Pvt. Ltd., 1992.       
   DESCRIPTION 57 p., [56] p. of plates : chiefly col. ill. ; 21 cm.  
                 Spine title: Mussoorie & Landour.       
       SUMMARY Outline, past and present, of two hill stations, Mussoorie
		and Landour Cantonment, located in northern India.       
 SUBJECT TERMS   British--India--Mussoorie.                              
                 British--India--Landour Cantonment.                     
                 Mussoorie (India)--History.                             
                 Landour Cantonment (India)--History.                    
                 Mussoorie--History--Pictorial works.                    
                 Landour Cantonment (India)--History--Pictorial works.   
  LOCATION               CALL NUMBER                STATUS               
  ALDERMAN LIBRARY       DS 486 .M78 B66 1992       Not checked out      

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