Philip McEldowney's
Updated data
for the Class of 1959
Woodstock School (India)

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Here's a previous Sample (1996).

Name: Philip McEldowney

Name while at Woodstock: (The Eastwood gang called me MONKEY for a while)

Years at Woodstock: From 1946-1949, From 1951-1957, from 1958-1959

Other family or relatives who went to Woodstock:
Two Sisters: Betty Ann (4 classes ahead, graduated 1954), and Barbara (3 classes behind, graduated 1962); my Dad was the School Treasurer for some years in the mid-1950s.

Where you lived away from Woodstock: Jabalpur, central India
And what work your parents did: Father and mother taught in the Leonard Theological College, as Methodist missionaries.

Any changes in address / phone / email ?: No changes.

What I do these days (and since I left Woodstock): Librarian at the University of Virginia

My children and grandchildren (and what they do):
Tim McEldowney, works in Charlottesville, Va. with computer stuff
Married to Kathy, and twin sons, Bryan and Mark.
Julie McEldowney Carlson, teaches High School French at Jefferson, Iowa
Married to Matt.

Fondest memories of Woodstock: Friends; building mansoon dams on streams; hiking; building and throwing paper airplanes off the khud.

What I want to forget about Woodstock: Ridgewood life

My favorite foods/fruits: Mangoes, Mangoes! Sita phal or custard apple.

My last visit to India: Feb/March 1998 and mini-Reunion in March 1998

My plans for retirement: None yet - retire? Never!

My relation to the church: None. I enjoy the quietude of being a non-practicing lay Buddhist, with no organiational affiliation. Agnostic, Atheist, whatever.

My Myers Briggs personality type Took it 2 years? ago, and turned out very uninterestingly - I was balanced in all the areas, 50/50. Very boring.

I plan to be in Bristol for the class reunion and have sent in my reservation
Yes _X__
Not yet, I am sending it in on ____________ (I will mail to Li no later than April 1)
Sorry, can't come ________

And, also (I would like to say or tell you): ___Hope poeple send in these data forms_____________

Please bring or send photos, espeicially of you 1) at the time of your High School graduation, and 2) current photo.

Please write and and send longer stories or tales of memorial events at Woodstock or during your time in India or from your expierences.

We would like to make these data, stories, and photos available on the Web, but if you insist, please tell us and we will NOT place them on the Web or NOT place some portions of them on the Web.

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