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Updated data for the
Class of 1959 Woodstock School (India)
Class of '59 members, if you haven't done so yet,
please go to a blank form of this; print off or copy and fill out that form
and send by email to or Mail it to
Li Chu, 10914 Northview Square, Cupertino, CA 95014, USA
Preferably before our 1999 Class reunion.

Name: Vinode Kumar Sawhney
(now known as V. K.)
(Submitted 6 May 1999)

Name while at Woodstock: Vinode Sawhney. Bhagat, to some who didn't know better.

Years at Woodstock: 1947-1959

Other family at Woodstock: none

Where I lived away from Woodstock: In the Punjab, mostly. Dharamsala, Simla, Gurdaspur & environs, Patiala, Chandigarh, and Dehra Dun.

Work my father did: Indian government official with the Punjab Electricity Board. He had a hand in electrifying most of Punjab.

My Address now: P. O. Box 7250, Saipan, MP 96950. It's a US territory of sorts, called the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (actually part of the US Commonwealth, similar to Puerto Rico), located about 1500 miles south of Tokyo and 1500 miles east of Manila. Not far from Guam, which is really a US territory.
My Phone number: (670) 233-3500 at work, (670) 288-3500 at home; fax, (670) 233-3501 at work, (670) 288-1611 at home; 287-3500, cell phone.

What I do these days:
I have my own law practice, concentrating on labor and civil rights litigation. Lots of work, mostly for people who can't pay (against people who mostly can afford to pay and end up paying my fees.) Saipan is probably what the US south was in the 1950's: Racist, and think they are doing the foreigners a favor by hiring them even if they don't pay them. Most of the work force comes from the Philippines, China, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Thailand and Russia. The US administration is attempting to take over its immigration and labor policies. Most US laws apply here, but not US immigration and the US minimum wage. The local government has now raised the minimum wage to $3.05 an hour. The cost of living is the highest of any place flying the US flag. Saipan is a small island about three miles from Tinian, the island the US used to fly the a-bombs to Japan in 1945. Beautiful island, beautiful weather. Before coming here in December 1989, I taught at a legal clinic as an adjunct professor of law at Willamette University Law School in Salem, Oregon and had a law practice in Portland before that. I have also worked as a journalist, delivered phone books, cooked burgers for the White Tower restaurants in Philadelphia, and sold women's underwear door-to-door.

My family:
I am married to Nancy Mahre, who worked for the Multnomah County courts in Portland when I was practicing there. She is running a legal services business here. I have two daughters from a prior marriage: Ruby, who works for the Multnomah County Sheriff in Portland, and Delia, who works for the Federal Reserve in Boston. My grandson, Derek, goes to high school in Portland. Nancy and I have three cats and two dogs.

My last visit to India: August 1998. I try and go there every two years and to the states on the years I don't go to India.

My plans for retirement:
When I drop dead. I'm semi-retired as it is: working four afternoons a week, unless the courts screw it up and require me to show up some morning. My office staff does most of the work anyway.

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Name: Alice Sokolove Clague (Submitted 29 April 1999)

Name while at Woodstock: Alice Sokolove

Years at Woodstock: From 1949-1953

Other family at Woodstock: none

Where I lived away from Woodstock: 44 Rattendon Rd. New Delhi

Work my parents did: US embassy

Address: 100 Euclid Ave. Hastings-on-Hudon, NY 10706
Phone: 914-478-0722 (h) 212-963-4972 (w)

What I do these days:
I am in charge of demographic statistics at the UN Statistics Division. We make the world better for census takers and vital statististicians through methodological work and technical assistance. In addition we collect and disseminate demographic statistics published in the Demographic Yearbook and are in the process of moving into the era of electronic dissemination of these statistics on CD and Internet through the development of a client/server database. We are an eclectic bunch from all continents.

Children and grandchildren:
Melissa (32. B. 1967) works at Eli Lilly in Indianapolis. Alexander (28. B. 1971) works for Oxford Health plans in New York. I'm hopeful that someday I'll have grandchildren.

Fondest memories of Woodstock:
the marvel of watching the sun rise over the Tehri Hills, the Rhodedenron and the water fight that Bibbitt and I initiated in the fifth standard.

What I want to forget: homesickness

My favorite foods: jalabees (sp?)

My last visit to India: spring, 1998

My plans for retirement:
In three years one month and 1 day. There is mandatory retirement here. My hopes are to study nutrition, grow herbs and write a cookbook as well as quilt. Travelling and maybe spending time in India with a concrete role to get to know the country again are also on the agenda. Our trip last spring (March 1998) really gave March 1998 me a lot of hope for the latter.

My relation to the church:
Although never having had a relation to any church I recently became a Quaker and am content with the spiritual search that is part of the faith and practice of this group. The search that is undertaken on a corporate basis at Meeting for Worship has had a major impact in helping me to find that I am not always an outsider, a blessing after feeling that way for much of my life. It was at a reunion several years ago in Virginia that 36th Class Reunion - Virginia 1995 I discovered many Woodstockites had similar feelings.

Myers Briggs: INFP, but not clearly

Classs reunion: will be there Wednesday evening; leaving Saturday.

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Name: Gail Pilley Harris (submitted 29 April 1999)

Name while at Woodstock: Gail Pilley

Years at Woodstock: From 1955 - 1957

Other family at Woodstock: John (Robin) Pilley, class of '57

Where I lived away from Woodstock: Sareikei, Sarawak, Borneo

Work my parents did: educational missionaries

Address: 3404 Andy Harris Road, Rockford, TN. 37853
Phone: 423-983-5652 (h) 423-546-3500 (w)

What I do these days:
I am the director of community services for the Knoxville-Knox County Community Action Committee. I write grants and promote food programs for the poor - we have 24 community gardens and 13 children's gardens; We have just started an urban farm in one of the most impoverished areas of the inner city; growing vegetables, fruits and honey. We plan to employ 4 youth this summer. I also coordinate "emergency food helpers", a coalition of churches and pantries that provide food assistance and I keep track of the food bags that go out every month. I provide staff support to the Knoxville Food Policy Council; I am on the national board of directors of the Community Food Security Coalition and I serve on a variety of food and health boards in Knox County. My husband is still running a farm, although his health has caused him to curtail much of his work.

Children and grandchildren:
Michael (27. B. 1972) works at Walmart and has a beautiful 4 year old daughter, Abigail (B. 1995). Peter (26. B. 1973) works for Jim on the farm.

Fondest memories of Woodstock: the incredible beauty and grandeur of the mountains;

What I want to forget: homesickness

My favorite foods: jalabees (sp?)

My last visit to India: summer, 1957

My plans for retirement:
Probably not for a long time, since I buy health insurance for Jim. His medication is not covered by Medicare.

My relation to the church:
Still belong, but not in spirit. I believe in Good, -other spellings and interpretations of God cause me problems. Among the beliefs expressed among my classmates, I find myself most closely similar to Gil in beliefs.

Myers Briggs:
INTJ, but I have a lot of skepticism about the labeling and the personality theory underlying the inventory.

Classs reunion: will be there Friday morning; leaving Sunday.

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Name: Jim Rugh (submitted 9 March 1999)

Name while at Woodstock: Jimmy

Years at Woodstock: From 1946 To 1960

Other family or relatives who went to Woodstock:
siblings Carol ('60), David ('66), Doug & Dotsie/Kim ('69); nephew Chris Green ('94)

Where you lived away from Woodstock: Mathura, Meerut, Delhi, Mussoorie.
And what work your parents did: Methodist missionaries 38 years in India (+2 Botswana before retiring in 1982); Dad did relief and education work all over India with Church World Service, CASA, AFPRO, SKIP, many others. 5 years as Headmaster at Woodstock; Mom active in national YWCA, Woodstock library, etc.

Any changes in address / phone / email ?: 1174 Powell Court, Atlanta GA 30316-2602. Phone: 404-622-9321. E-mail:

What I do these days (and since I left Woodstock):
Evaluation Coordinator at CARE, responsible for monitoring & evaluation systems and training of staff in 74 countries. Previously: 11 years as independent evaluation consultant for many international agencies; within that 5 years with CORA ecumenical agency working with community groups in Appalachia; 11 years with World Neighbors in Africa; 5 years with Peace Corps (volunteer in Senegal, Assistant Director for UP back in India '66-'69); two masters degrees: International Agricultural and Rural Development from Cornell (developed speciality in participatory community evaluation), and in Agricultural Engineering, Univ. of Tennessee

My children and grandchildren (and what they do):
Louise and I have two children & two grandchildren:
daughter Jennifer (& Eddie Shultz) have provided us with two grandchildren: Jessica (5 in June) and Stephen (2 1/2), they live in Nashville;
son Michael has steady girlfriend but is still unmarried, lives not far from us in Atlanta.

Fondest memories of Woodstock:
On a visit back there 5 years ago I was struck / deeply emotionally moved with the realization that "this is where my roots were formed! This is my childhood home!" Best friend Philip McEldowney and I had wonderful early years playing around Eastwood. Fond memories of hikes. Many friends ('59 and other classes) who still mean a lot to me. I feel I had a very privileged childhood.

What I want to forget about Woodstock:
Not forget, but what I wish we had done more of was to get to know our Phari village neighbors better. During my visit 5 years ago I was tempted to take Bob Alter's position in the rural extension service he started. What an ideal job that would have been, working in those villages around Mussoorie!

My favorite foods/fruits: Almost any vegetarian Indian food, mango lassi, carrot halva

My last visits to India: May 1998 (one-week workshop in Nani Tal for CARE staff); January 1998 (1 week workshop in Agra, 1 week workshop in Pune)

My plans for retirement:
return to the house I built in the Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee, where we lived for 11 years, where extended family is, and many friends in the community,

My relation to the church: Switched from United Methodist to Mennonite when Louise and I moved to Atlanta 3 1/2 years ago. Active in Atlanta Mennonite Fellowship, and its relationship with the SouthEast Conference and wider Mennonite church -- our being a "welcoming" congregation (which does not bar membership based on sexual orientation) has put us out of the conference and we, along with 4 other congregations (and other individuals throughout the church) are the cause of great consternation as the Mennonite Church and General Conference Mennonite Church prepare to integrate this July.

My Myers Briggs personality type: ISTJ.

Bristol Reunion: I plan to be in Bristol for the class reunion and have sent in my reservation = Yes

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Name:Tom Robison (submitted 25 February 1999)

Name while at Woodstock: Same, Sometime Nickname: Robes or Robi

Years at Woodstock: 1958-1959

Other relatives who attended Woodstock: Robert (brother) was there for one year, 1955. Would have been in the class of 1956.

Where I lived away from Woodstock: Kathmandu, Nepal (1958) and Karachi, Pakistan (1959)

What work my parents did:
My father was an irrigation engineer working for the US AID program.

Changes: No address/e-mail/phone changes

What I did after Woodstock; college, marriage, work, retirement:
When I left Woodstock, I spent 1 1/2 years at Ohio Wesleyan with David Manton (we roomed together in our Freshman year). Then I transferred to Arizona State University and got a degree in Political Science with a double minor in English/History. I got married 3 months before I got my degree, and after the degree I went to work for Boeing in Seattle. I managed to get into a software development group and learned computer programming, on mainframe computers. transferred with Boeing to Philadelphia for two years and then back to Washington (Tri-Cities area). I retired in October 1996 after 33 years with Boeing. Now I spend much of my time working as a Guardian ad Litem for the Juvenile Justice system, do a lot of volunteer work for the church, and for fun develop web pages for the church. I also used to set up about 150 people on an e-mail list for those interested in what happens in our diocese.

Children and Grandchildren: Sandra and I have twin sons aged 34 (Brian and Bob), and another son age 31 (Ken). Bob has been married for 10 years and has a daughter who is 8 years old (Brittany). Bob works in Yakima, WA for US Bank. Brian got married last July 4th. He and Traci live in Santa Clarita, CA where they both teach middle school. Traci is expecting their first child in August. Ken is currently teaching English in South Korea, where he has fallen in love and it sounds like he will probably get married later this year. We also have a beautiful inherited dog. Ken got a puppy, trained him well and then left for Korea ---so we have this really nice Akita/Husky 100 LB. dog.

Fondest memories of Woodstock: I think sitting outside looking down at the winterline over the Dun.

What I want to forget: Pork roasts !!!!!!!!! still don't like them

Favorite foods: Samosas, curry

Last visit to India: I have not been back, but there is still hope left in me.

My relation to the church: I was raised at least partially in the Lutheran church, became an Episcopalian in college. Sandra became an Episcopalian after we were married. She was ordained a Deacon in 1992. I would say our involvement with the church is extreme. I am the treasurer of our local parish, serve on two Diocesan level committees, and have been a Deputy to the national convention 5 times.

My Myers Briggs personality type: ISFJ

Reunion: Unfortunately, I will not be able to be in Bristol for the class reunion, because we are going to Europe. If I were going to be there Sandra would be with me.

Photos: If I find some recent photos, I will scan them and e-mail them to Phil. I am very interested in whatever book of experiences, photos, etc gets put together for the reunion.

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Name: Ernest Kaven (submitted 25 February 1999)

Years at Woostock: 1951 to 1953

Relatives at Woodstock: Brother, George (same class)

Where you lived away from Woodstock:
Lucknow, My father was Agricultural Advisor to the U.P. Government. My mother was a nurse who filled in part-time at Woodstock as well as taught some health classes in the villages around Lucknow.

Address: Rt. 2 Box 817 Newberry, Mi. 49868

What I do: Guidance Director at Newberry High School since 1964.

Family: Wife-Rose (English teacher), Son-Brian (environmental manager), Daughter-Susan (policewomen) (No grandkids--yet).

Fondest memories of Woodstock: The good friends I shared adventures with.

What I want to forget about Woodstock: The loneliness when we first went into boarding.

Favorite foods: I loved everything but dahl and mutton.

Last visit: I have not been back but often dream of doing so.

Retirement: Probably in two years but no definite plans.

My relation to the church: I was raised and still am a Lutheran (ELCA)

My Myers-Briggs type: I don't have a clue!

Reunion: It is with real regret that I can not make the reunion. Brian gets married that weekend.Even though I never knew many of my classmates, I would love to share memories in Bristol. Hey! Someone just might remember me.

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Name: Gil Osgood (submitted: 24 February 1999)

Name while at Woodstock: Gilbert Osgood Gilbert Osgood

Years at Woodstock: From 1947 to 1959 except for 1952; I was also in Landour in 1943 and 44.

Other family or relatives who went to Woodstock:
my siblings Fred '44, Janet '45 and Luella '49.

Where you lived away from Woodstock:
The small village of Hatigarh, Balasore District, Orissa, India

And what work your parents did:
They were American Baptist missionaries for 38 years.

Any changes in address / phone / email ?: no changes

What I do these days (and since I left Woodstock):
Immediately after Woodstock I spent three years at Linfield College (59-62) followed by three years in the army (62-65). In the service I spent a year at the Army Language School in Monterey, CA learning SerboCroatian. I spent most of the remainder of my army time working for the National Security Agency (sometimes known as America's most secret intelligence agency) at Fort Meade, Maryland. When I left the army I came to Eugene to finish college. I eventually got bachelor's degrees in psychology and mathematics/computer science. I've been a computer programmer for the Psychology Department at the University of Oregon since January of 1968.

My children and grandchildren (and what they do):
I have no children of my own but I do have five step children and eight step grandchildren from my first marriage. Son Todd works out of Fresno, CA and is a textbook sales rep for a publishing company (was Prentice Hall but he just changed to a new company whose name I forget). Daughter Natalie works for Borders bookstore in Salt Lake City. Son Troy works for a large travel agency in Salt Lake City doing some of their advertising and web page work. Son Tracy lives near Modesto, CA and works for a company selling maps and other products. Daughter Kristi lives in Portland, OR and works for the Safeway grocery chain going from store to store and advising them on ways to increase their sales. Basically all my kids are in sales related jobs (which is about as far away from the kind of work I am suited for as you can imagine). They are great talkers and could sell you the Brooklyn Bridge and throw in the Empire State Building and the Taj Mahal before you knew what hit you. When they all get together I mostly just stand back and listen!

Fondest memories of Woodstock:
1) The natural beauty including the view out over the Dun, the clouds enveloping us during the monsoon, the trees decked in ferns, etc. 2) Some great teachers. 3) Classmates for whom I retain great affection.

What I want to forget about Woodstock:
Harassment and hazing of certain boys that went on both at Ridgewood and the Hostel.

My favorite foods/fruits: Jalabis and custard apples

My last visit to India:
Spring 1987 - I spent two weeks at the University of Delhi, a week in Orissa visiting my parents mission field and three weeks touring with the KWI tour group. The three days we spent in Mussoorie were all too brief.

My plans for retirement:
I retire in two days! [ie 26 F 1999] I expect to do some part time consulting for a while for a company called Electrical Geodesics that was started by one of the psych profs here. Otherwise, my model for retirement is the third of the four stages of Hindu life, the sannyasin or religious seeker. This comes after the student and householder stages and is the time when one casts off all one's previous roles, leaves home and family and becomes a wandering sadhu. My wife says I can't actually leave home but I don't see this as much of a problem because I think I can still follow the spirit of this stage of life without following the literal letter of it!

My relation to the church:
I have left Christianity and am now a Unitarian Universalist which is a religion that encourages questioning and constructing one's own theology. I usually call myself an atheist rather than an agnostic, not because I think I have some absolute knowledge of the existence or non existence of a deity, but because all conceptions of gods or goddesses that I have run across seem to me to be human creations too tainted with our mental limitations to be plausible. I believe that science is a marvelous way for understanding the "how" of the natural universe but doesn't tell us much about the "why". I believe in the super in the natural rather than the supernatural. I believe in the power of love and in the unending search for justice in this world. I believe in life before death rather than in life after death.

My Myers Briggs personality type: I/ENFJ I think, although my memory of this is a little shaky.

What are the books that have influenced the way that you live your life, your values?
[On 3 March 1999, Gil's answer-] What an excellent question.
The first major influence after leaving India were the writings of Carl Jung including books like "Modern Man in Search of a Soul" , "The Undiscovered Self" and "Answer to Job". I discovered the psychology of Jung during my sophomore year in college when I was becoming deeply disillusioned with Christianity. Reading Jung I discovered another completely self consistent world view that seemed much more spiritually fruitful to me than Christianity did. I liked the fact that Jung was a minister's son like me and that he had managed to step away form Christianity without throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

The next major influence were the films of Ingmar Bergman, also a minister's son. I still remember leaving the theater in the summer of 1961after seeing a double bill of "The Seventh Seal" and "Wild Strawberries" feeling absolutely stunned and knowing for the first time that films could be art. I think I resonated with the passionate search for meaning in life examined in this and later Bergman films.

In the mid 60s I began to find great solace in poetry. My love of poetry had started of course with Guy Lott and had been reinforced by Miss Burch and Mr. Swain. During evenings when I felt painfully isolated and alone I would read aloud the poetry of Wallace Stevens, Dylan Thomas, Edna St. Vincent Millay and especially William Butler Yeats. I read the "Collected Poems of W. B. Yeats" aloud to myself at least twice. A few years later I spent some time studying "The Wasteland" by T. S. Eliot. I read Jesse Weston's "From Ritual to Romance" which was the source of much of Eliot's grail legend imagery and began to understand the poem much better. I was also very impressed early on with "Varieties of Religious Experience" by William James.

There have been many other books and films that have made an impression on me. One more recent one has been Deborah Tannen's "You Just Don't Understand" which taught me a lot about gender differences in how we use language. I also got a lot out "The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat" by Oliver Sacks. The essays on neurological injuries in this book taught me a lot about how our brains can malfunction in very peculiar ways and showed me just how easy it is to delude ourselves about something.

Movies that have moved me and enriched me include "Midnight Cowboy", "Babette's Feast" and "All the Mornings of the World".

Musically, I have been especially enriched by the music of Peter, Paul and Mary, Simon and Garfunkel and Enya.

It is quite hard, actually, to pull together all the influences of 40 years and I'm sure I'll think of many more sources as I read other people's replies.

I plan to be in Bristol for the class reunion and have sent in my reservation
Yes: Wild water buffaloes couldn't keep me away. I'll be there with my wife, Martha.

And, also (I would like to say or tell you):
One of the gifts that has come to me with age is the understanding of how valuable friendships are. More precious still are the friendships of those who know the roots from which I grew. When we left Woodstock we were dispersed like seeds flung across the globe and I came to believe that I would never see most of you again. What a pleasure it is to discover you again and to start to know the rich and complex people you have grown into. Who could have guessed looking at the callow unformed youths of 40 years ago that we would all turn out so well!

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Name: Jack Day (submitted: 24 February 1999)

Name while at Woodstock: Jack Day (or Jackson Day)

Years at Woodstock: From 1954 To 1959 except 1957

Other family or relatives who went to Woodstock:
Younger sister -- Vivia Day Tatum ('63)

Where you lived away from Woodstock: Malaysia, Indonesia

And what work your parents did:
Missionaries. Dad was pastor, district superintendant, also school principal.

Any changes in address / phone / email ?:
No change to address or phone . Email will change before October since Prodigy Classic is going out of business.

What I do these days (and since I left Woodstock):
Since 1996 Chief Administrative Officer for a network of community health centers. These are publicly funded primary care centers (family practice, internal medicine, pediatrics) oriented to medically underserved populations. They have formed a network to better compete in an increasingly competitive world.

1986-1995, Vice President, JSA Healthcare, Columbia, Maryland. Developed new business for this nationwide provider of primary care centers under contract with the military and other large employers.

1985-6 Graduate Student, Public Health, UNC Chapel Hill

1982-1984 - Deputy Director, Management Services, King Fahad Hospital, Saudi Arabian National Guard, Riyadh.

1973-1982 -- Program Manager, Westinghouse Health Systems, Columbia, Maryland -- a consulting firm undertaking a varietyof health related projects for the government under contract.

1971-1972 -- Coordinator of a council of family planning agencies in Washington DC

1970-1971 Pastor, Epworth United Methodist Church, Washington, D. C.

1967-1970 Chaplain, U. S. Army -- Fort Eustis, VA; Pleiku, Vietnam, and Fort Lee, Virginia.

1959-1967 -- College (Western Maryland College) and seminary (Wesley Theological Seminary). From 1964 I was also student pastor of three small churches in the mountains of Western Maryland.

My children and grandchildren (and what they do):
son Jimmie (James Wesley) from my first marriage, is a manager at a vending machine company on Long Island, NY. daughter Cathe (Catherin Lynn) from my second marriage is a happy mother and housewife in Austin, TX, with two children and a third on the way. It figures that since her mother and I both had strong feminist feelings, she chose the mommy track (and is good at it)

Fondest memories of Woodstock:
My senior year. I had been somewhat lost in earlier years, but then in 1957 spent a year in a high school in New Jersey, which was so awful that coming back to Woodstock was like entering Nirvana.

What I want to forget about Woodstock: People trying to save my soul.

My favorite foods/fruits: Jelebes

My last visit to India: In 1989 when I entered my current marriage, I had been working on a project for the Agency for International Development to advocate that providing family planning services for employees was good policy for business. I developed a research design for a cost benefit analysis using data that the Tata Iron and Steel Company had been keeping in Jamshedpur since before Independence and concluded that the company had saved 6 or 7 rupees in benefits not provided for every Re 1 invested in their family planning program. This was a bit like a science fiction study because I had to basically estimate the cost to the company of a ghost population of people who had never been born due to family planning. I had one last trip scheduled to present the final report, and combined this with a honeymoon. We spent a week on a houseboat in Kashmir, then did the Delhi-Jaipur-Agra triangle, then spent two weeks in Jamshedpur. The latter was a nice change because we were kind of dignitaries, not tourists. While we were there Tata was entertaining a group of Chinese parliamentarians and we were included in the evening's entertainment; they also had brought in the Harlem Globetrotters, and we were invited to a barbecue for them.

My plans for retirement: I'm already involved in a certain amount of human rights work on the side, and work, besides paying the bills, is getting in the way of this. Probalby won't be able to retire until 65, then will devote more energy to human rights.

My relation to the church: Methodist Church has a status called "Honorable Location" which means my clergy credentials are intact but I do not earn my living from the church. The term only makes sense if you understand the church 150 years ago, where most Methodist preachers were "circuit riders" who might take 6 months to cover all their "preaching stations." These were the "travelling ministry." Typically, a job for young men in their 20's. When they wanted to settle down and have a family, everyone knew they had to have some other means of income, so they "located" and ceased travelling! This works for me. I had real problems getting paid for what I believed especially when others, either the denomination or parishioners, wanted to define that. I'm an active "clergy member" of a Methodist church here in Columbia. I preach about twice a year in my home congregation and also for some veterans events.

My Myers Briggs personality type: INTJ --> ENTJ, with the I and E borderline. Tests about 10years apart.

I plan to be in Bristol for the class reunion and have sent in my reservation
Yes _xxx

And, also (I would like to say or tell you): Looking forward to seeing everyone.

My wife's name, by the way, is Fran. I'd like to see a question added to the questionnaire on who is coming with us to Bristol, and how they relate to us!

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Name: Philip McEldowney (submitted: 23 February 1999)

Name while at Woodstock: (The Eastwood gang called me MONKEY for a while)

Years at Woodstock: From 1946-1949, From 1951-1957, from 1958-1959

Other family or relatives who went to Woodstock:
Two Sisters: Betty Ann (4 classes ahead, graduated 1954), and Barbara (3 classes behind, graduated 1962); my Dad was the School Treasurer for some years in the mid-1950s.

Where you lived away from Woodstock: Jabalpur, central India
And what work your parents did: Father and mother taught in the Leonard Theological College, as Methodist missionaries.

Any changes in address / phone / email ?: No changes.

What I do these days (and since I left Woodstock): Librarian at the University of Virginia

My children and grandchildren (and what they do):
Tim McEldowney, works in Charlottesville, Va. with computer stuff
Married to Kathy, and twin sons, Bryan and Mark.
Julie McEldowney Carlson, teaches High School French at Jefferson, Iowa
Married to Matt.

Fondest memories of Woodstock: Friends; building monsoon dams on streams; hiking; building and throwing paper airplanes off the khud.

What I want to forget about Woodstock: Ridgewood life

My favorite foods/fruits: Mangoes, Mangoes! Sita phal or custard apple.

My last visit to India: Feb/March 1998 and mini-Reunion in March 1998

My plans for retirement: None yet - retire? Never!

My relation to the church: None. I enjoy the quietude of being a non-practicing lay Buddhist, with no organizational affiliation. Agnostic, Atheist, whatever.

My Myers Briggs personality type Took it 2 years? ago, and turned out very uninterestingly - I was balanced in all the areas, 50/50. Very boring.

I plan to be in Bristol for the class reunion and have sent in my reservation
Yes _X

And, also (I would like to say or tell you):
Hope people send in these data forms!

Who's coming to Bristol with me; and who they are and relationship to me:
Deej Baker probably coming with me. She's also a librarian at UVa; works one floor below me. Been together since? 1991; not married yet. She grew up in the Shenandoah Valley area (Harrisonburg, Va, etc.); has worked in library since 1980, with government documents; and last few years with journals/serials, supervising the 9,000 journals that come in to UVa libraries. Likes travel, etc. At

Please bring or send photos, especially of you 1) at the time of your High School graduation, and 2) current photo.

Please write and and send longer stories or tales of events at Woodstock or during your time in India or from your experiences.

We would like to make these data, stories, and photos available on the Web, but if you insist, please tell us and we will NOT place them on the Web or NOT place some portions of them on the Web.

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