Minor points clarified - Nag Tiba, etc.

Date: Fri, 21 Mar 1997 15:32:29 -0800
From: Gil Osgood
Subject: Minor points clarified

Here is some additional info on some minor points in recent messages:

1) Nag Tiba, the highest mountain in the next range back that we could see from Landour, was commonly referred to as being 10,000 feet high. It was actually 9990 feet but we always added 10 more feet for the flagpole sticking out of the rock cairn at the summit since climbing a 10000 foot mountain sounds a lot more impressive than only climbing 9990 feet! The rounding off process was a common one as I remember Tope Tiba (hill east and above Seakoli) as being 8000 feet and Serkunda (hill with temple on top at 14 mile mark on Tehri road) as being 9000 feet.

2) The next hill to the east of Landour (discounting the hill on which the Haunted House sits) was referred to as Prayer Hill in Bonnie's message. I remember it as Prayer Flag Hill and I know Kathy remembers it as Flag Hill. Perhaps we used all these names or just remember things differently. I never knew about Bonnie and Judy getting hit by lightening there but I can easily imagine remembering the place as Prayer Hill after such a stunning (pun intended) experience. In any case, there were the remains of a house(s) foundation up there, which I think had once belonged to Richard Smith's grandparents. The high point of my visit to Landour in 1987 was a visit there one April morning. I sat, completely alone, beneath the faded flags rippling in the chill breeze, surrounded by rhododendron trees covered with bright red blossoms. It was an absolutely clear sunny day and I could see out over the Doon past the Siwaliks in one direction and the high snow peaks in the other glittering in the sun. I was overwhelmed by the beauty around me and by the flood of childhood memories. It was one of the grandest experiences of my entire life. [From Gil, 21 March 1997]

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