REPLIES January 1997

Rick, Nan | Kierman, Sean

========Rick, Nan=============

NAN RICK Date: Sun, 5 Jan 1997 21:25:02
From: (Nan Rick)
Subject: Entering the circle
Attended Woodstock in 1955,56.
My current address is: 2310 W. State St. Boise, Idaho 83702.
My phone number is (208) 384-1208.

MEMORIES: Like Gail, my first memory was the rickshaw ride to school. Why exactly was that human effort, voluntarily taken on as a business, so difficult to bear? Then, the first night in the dorms, where I confronted a round tin tub for a bath. This was followed three weeks later with an English exam on grammar. In the States we had studied debate in the eighth grade. I was mortified. Then, the Tuck shop and Elevensies. Molasses candy on a stick. Hot Stuff at the movies in a cone of rolled newspaper. The flirtations of little consequence. A long hike. Walking up the hill in the monsoons. Jacob's ladder. Wearing a sari on Sundays. World History notes, French class and Luke. All of the personalities which seem vivid to me now, though names are vague. The view of the plains--the rolling mist. I could go on.

AFTER WOODSTOCK. I spent a year in Switzerland. Then I went to Cornell University, lived in San Francisco, New York City, upstate New York, Charlottesville, Va. and for the last 12 years in Boise, Idaho. In Boise I received a MS in education with an art emphasis. I did this because I had started a disciplined based art education program in the public schools--elementary. I also had a wholesale gift business for 12 years, raised sheep and ran an international country restaurant. In Boise, I also had a book store for 5 years. I am a painter, a potter and may try writing. I recently found out that Charlotte Bronte and I share the same birthday. (Jane Eyre) In the last six months my life was unexpectedly turned upside down. It would make a good novel. I don't particularly like to write but somehow the challenge is there. I suppose it is the artist temperment.

FAMILY: I have two children. Jordan is 19 and is studying ceramic sculpture at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. My daughter Gina is a senior in high school. She hopes to go into International Business. We are darting to Boston soon in order for her to interview at Babson College and Cornell. She is also thinking of the U. of Montana.

INDIA TRIP 1984: Also, I took the children to India in 1984. We were in Mussoorie during Diwali. They now throw cherry bombs or firecrackers for days on end. There is always a pop, pop sound in the air. While visiting Woodstock I paid attention to the quality that always made me feel that it was magical. I discovered that it was the light that came through the trees on the walk to College that provided that special something. Since I was only at Woodstock for a year, I always felt that I didn't have the right weight of ritual, either religious or years of attendance. In 1984, I was astounded to find a meditation room in the school. Furthermore, the numbers were reversed. Americans only accounted for about 10%

Since Woodstock, I have traveled a lot, learned numerous languages and have a global curiosity. I felt that my experience there definitely set my path in a particular unique direction.

RETIRE? I noted that our class is talking about retiring. I, too, find this an interesting topic. I already consider myself retired, with a hermitage in the gold mining country (of old) and a studio on the Boise River. However, I am always in a quandry as to whether to take on a large project or the contemplative artistic mode.

I am concerned about the lack of unconditional love in the world.

Is ROBERT JOHN the only other one in our class involved in the arts? Robert John, are you there?

I heard recently from ANN OTTLEY SHAW. I will ask if she has an email address.

This is a bit of a ramble, at least a start.

Hello again to you all!

Nan Rick

========Kierman, Sean=============

SEAN KIERMAN (attended 54-57)
address correction - 16 Serpentine
Pinelands, 7405, Rep of South Africa

Fondest memories: good friends, some fantastic teachers ( Miss Marley, Guy Lott, Mr. Stoddard), magnificent surroundings and cultural richesse which disqualified me from teenage life in America.

To forget: (1) the bullies and their clique, (2) dysentery, (3) Irish stew as often served (with occasional bits of fur)

Since Wookstock: presently Head of Brass at the U of Cape Town, the top teaching position in the field here; do as much research as work permits in neuropsychology of hearing. Amazed at number of names and images associated with the Class List, most with very pleasant memories.

Family: 6 children, 29 - 6 years, which have left me relatively young but definitely poor (financially); the eldest four are in the US, a professional trumpeter & teacher, 2 marginally hippie-figures, the 4th is an engineering student returning to SA; youngest two in local school.

Would dearly love to have a reunion but profoundly doubt that finances would permit it.

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